Interesting ideas/movies that never got made..

Thread started by kid-glove on 20th December 2011 11:51 AM

Kubrick - Napolean
Tarkovsky - Hoffmanniana
Leone - Stalingrad
Peckinpah - The Cincinnati Kid
Lean - Nostromo
Lynch - One Saliva Bubble, Ronnie Rocket
Welles (also Terry Gillian) - Don Quixote
Tarantino - original script of Natural born killers
Jodoworsky - Dune
Kubrick's holocaust project
Lynch's untitled Star Wars sequel/prequel
Tarantino's bond movie
Cronenberg's Total recall
Lynne Ramsay's Lovely bones
Alien 3 - Wooden planet idea
Kamal haasan's Marudhanayagam


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