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Thread started by srinivasan552000 on 5th December 2011 07:50 PM


Being senior citizens, My wife and I have decided to share our experiences for the sake of posterity, instead of allowing them to die with us. Hence, we have started our own blogs to help youngsters to use the contents free of charge in so far as they are meant for personal and non-commercial purposes. Kindly visit these blogs and offer your views for any modifications, improvement to make them more useful: - Contains my compositions, mostly in Thamizh, in Carnatic Ragas - Contains compositions of my wife in Thamizh, in Carnatic Ragas - Contains tested vegetarian recipes and preparations of Tamil family.

We are planning to start more such blogs to share our experiences, for which we request the readers/members to contact us with areas of their interest where they need guidance, e.g., child care, health, family issues, education, employment etc etc. Please contact me at:

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