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Vaagai Sooda Vaa (VSV) M. Ghibran Ji


All I can say is that in the recent time, Iíve never been so much bowled over by an album which is by a debut composer as much as I have been by VSV by M. Ghibran Ji. I rarely go gaga over albums which have music by debutants and it takes two or three albums to be released by them before I become aware of their presence.

Obviously like others here I also followed the word of mouth for this album and also read reviews highly praising the music. I got the album and decided to listen to it on my JVC producing headphones and instantly fell in love with every song. There was certainly some divine intervention happening whilst I sat alone looking out of my window during sunset listening to Poraney. As I had the album in shuffle the next song on list was in fact the karaoke version of Poraney and the same magic was repeated. After completing the album I instantly tweeted to M. Ghibran Ji expressing how much I liked the album. I wasnít expecting a reply but was really pleased when he said, ďThank you SunilĒ. Some might say that this might be his marketing strategy to become popular. From reading his other tweets I felt he seemed like a very spiritual and humble guy, a quality which every great music director possesses and again some people may say heís pulling of a drama show so he can draw equal amount of fans as legends that still continue to rise in the industry.

As I try and be attention seeking sometimes I felt I should send him a Youtube link to my first beat. I was really surprised when he replied straight away saying he liked it and appreciated that I use his tabla, mridghangam, thavil, ghatam etc. loops in my beat. I would have never guessed that the loops I incorporated in to my beat were by M. Ghibran Ji. He also requested me to check out his ethnic virtual instruments that he produced for the Apple Logic Pro software.

Some of you might be thinking Iím sounding biased towards him now since he replied to me and heard my music, however I would like to assure that even if he didnít reply to me or hear my music I wouldnít have cared less and this is simply because I happily would have continued listening to VSV anyway as the music speaks for itself. Itís just been over two months now since the album released and I really feel that with the right amount of publicity it has the potential of achieving a National Film Award. Some portions of the album really display calibre of unimaginable talent and it is really inspiring when I hear debutants getting the praise they actually deserve. He has been in the industry for thirteen odd years working on ad films and jingles and also he already has two private albums under his belt. He surely knows what heís doing.

With his permission I started the official fan club on twitter for M. Ghibran Ji the weekend the album released but he felt that itís too early for a thing like this. I didnít want to cause trouble so since then didnít really update the fan club profile with tweets. I donít know if he took it the wrong way or not but on the contrary of him telling me not to update the page, he had the courtesy to make me one of the administrators for his Facebook fan page, for which I am truly blessed.

Vaagai Sooda Vaa is apparently set to release on 23rd September so on behalf of the M. Ghibran Ji fan club I would like to kindly request those reading this to think about watching this film and suggesting it to friends and friends of friends.

Thank you

Sunil Malhotra


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