ROCK Classics that you should not miss

Thread started by jaiganes on 6th April 2011 02:48 AM

93.3 FM on my local station has been blaring some classic rock songs which have my blood pumping in a jiggy!! Need to share these songs and say "Whoa".. so here it goes..
LAW and ORDER or Freedom and non conformance - Two gems

1. Bon Jovi - not a great fan of him or his songs - but this one is ROCKIN and cool... The guitar, lead and bass are so groovy and the lyrics - makes me feel like buyin a bike, wear an outfit and just drive on a long road.. DEAD OR ALIVE

2. Styx - never heard of them.. yet this song took my like a tiger attacking a deer. surprised and shocked and overjoyed... OH MAAMA - RENEGADE.. The lyrics are awesome and the harmony are awesome, the fast beat that blasts through and the singing and lead guitar again kick up more dust than a sandstorm in sahara...


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