Sarees the most graceful & ideal garment for Tamil Women

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Sarees are the most graceful and ideal garment for Tamil & Indian women

Though it is "each individual's liking of how they dress", still can anyone deny the fact the "grace and the grandeur" of Tamil Girls and Women are, when they are dressed in Paavaadai, Thaavani and Selai (Sarees) according to their age, with Poo, Pottu, long Koonthal, Thodu, Gimikki, Maalai, Kaappu and "very neatly groomed" - and not when they are in "Denim Long Trousers and Tee Shirts, or Short Denim Trousers and sleeveless or strap type Short Blouses - with short bobbed hairs or cut and chopped hairs", with no pottu and basic jewellery.

It is very pathetic to see how Tamil Nadu which has inherited rich Dress Traditions, and developed the great art of knitting beautiful Sarees, Thaavanis, Paavaadais, Pattukarai Vestis, and Mel-Angi materials, now throwing away their rich traditions and valuing the "Hippy Culture" of the West.

"Sarees are the most graceful and glamourous garment of the Tamil & Indian women" that surpasses the current dress-forms of the West in modesty & richness, and enhances the "feminine beauty" of every women many-folds retaining their own Identity in multi-cultural societies"

I know of many people who quite agree with my opinon posted above, but reluctant to express same openly for fear of being rediculed - partly (not fully) by the growing younger generation, and partly by the older generation (not fully) - “who are craving for western ways of life to identify themselves as part of the so called modernisation and globalisation”.

Also it is true today's ways of life have changed the pattern of living of many Tamils, as they are spread worldwide out from their traditional homelands, and with both men and women getting themselves educationally qualified, and moving into different working environments in multi-cultural societies, sometimes it neccessiates many of them (not all) to adopt a dress-code most suited to those “working environments” (not social environments).

It is for this reason and to accommodate such situations by streamlining "Idealism" with "Reality" - wherever possible "Tamils should appreciate and wear their traditional dresses the "Paavadai, Thaavani, Sarees, Irrataikkarai Vesti, MelAngi & Salwai", dressed in a neat and elegant way "at least" at all Tamil - Social, Religious, Cultural and Public functions, and at Tamil - Hindu Weddings, Tamil - Hindu Funeral Ceremonies and worship at Hindu Temples, rather than wearing the Western Dresses".

Further to all those who “hate” Tamil Traditional Dresses - which is a very importent component of our Tamil Culture to retain our identity against the waves of globalisation, I wish to advice though they dislike Tamil Dress Forms such as Sarees, Vestis and Melangis, the same are being promoted in many foreign countries by way of Indian Fashion Shows and “Sarees & Vestis” - Sales Exhibitions by interested Organisations and Manufacturers of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere.

I myself know of Indian Costumes Fashion Shows, Indian Sarees Fashion Shows held in many foreign countries “patronised by many elite from the Tamil & Indian Society”, with Indian Models walking on the stage draped in lovely Indian Sarees and traditional Male Dress Forms including Pattu - Irrataikkarai Vestis & Salwais exhibiting their "grace and granduer" to the audience.

Trust the forgoing will encourage re-thinking to many, on this subject.


"Pottu illaa nettri paal
paale Pookkal illaa mangaiyar tham koonthal"

"Selai Thaavani Paavaadai aniyaa mangaiyar uru alaku paal
paale Nakaikal chuudaa avar tham avayavangal"

The following are the URLs of some Videos portraying the "beauty" of the traditional Dress Forms of Tamil Nadu and India as against the "Hippy Culture" of the west.

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