Clint Eastwood: Actor & Director

Thread started by groucho070 on 29th September 2009 10:55 AM

A2A vendukoolukku inangga, I've started this thread for Talaivar.

So, first thing first, do you (ingga enna rendu peeru varuvangga, A2A and TF probably) like him as an actor or director? I suppose most like him as an actor first...even fans of classy films would finger The Good, The Bad & The Ugly as one of their favourites and its inevitable that Eastwood has played a part in it...I mean in its critical success, of course he played a part in the film :P

There you go...we can go on and discuss his other roles, the contribution to the Western genre (John Wayne never liked Talaivar's take on Western) and of course, his work as a director.

Mods, it would be lovely if you can upload a pix.

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