Tamil TV serials-A nostalgic view

Thread started by cinemalover on 24th March 2009 05:04 PM

thinking about the current state of tamil serials being telecast in various channels all day long, one can see a same pattern in all these serials and noone can blame the producers except the audience themselves.

and thinking deeply about tamil serials, i also think how serials begun in tamil and how they went on and the advancements made in the mean time and also the degeneration into the present level.

the year is 1984 and it signifies many things in my nostalgic trip down memory lane.

in 1984 the first tamil Tv in india, chennai tholaikatchi started beaming colour broadcast of tamil programs,
the year 1984 India celebrated silver jubilee of television in india.
and in 1984 first star nite program in tamil was conducted by chennai doordarshan.(a memorable events particpated by all film stars and drama personalities)

and most of all 1984 is the year in which my family actually bought a TV set as our own.

although i have remembed the first movie i saw in Tv is porter ponnusamy- a thengai srinivasan movie(a porter in day and do-gooder by night).
we watched in awe and amusement in whatever was shown in those days , like,
kanmani poonga,
kanbom karpom,
chitra mala,
vayalum vaazhvum,
oliyum oliyum,
tuesday weekly drama,
sunday tamil movie, saturday hindi movie,
regional movies in many days, and so on..

also my brother mastered the art of turning antenna(remember? the three long aluminium sticks in our mottai madi)in specific directions made us watch the ceylon Tv called rupavahini -in which we watched ssome tamil programs.


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