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Thread started by Anoushka on 9th March 2005 04:17 PM


Similar to the music quiz. But, an English translation of a line from the song (usually from the first the few lines of the song) will be given, and you should find the song.
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2. A moon Walked, the traces are in my heart

Nilavu paatu Nilavu paatu... (nilavondru nadanthatu, suvadugal manathile) - Kannukkul Nilavu

6. If you go way from me (Part or seperate), my life will end

Unakkena iruppen, uyirayum koduppen... (unnai naan pirinthaal,
unakku mun iRappEn) - Kaadhal

8. You ask about me to 100 crore people.

Machan paeru madurey (nooRu kodi aaLukitta ennai paththi kaeLuda ) - Madurey


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