oPod : let all online tamil/indian songs come to you

Thread started by RR on 12th March 2008 03:06 PM

Often you like to listen to a song that might be, from say a movie you saw recently, recommended by a friend, one you read up about it (on hub or a blog) or something that just came up to mind. But finding it online is a pain. You have to visit online music sites and go through several pages just to listen to one song. Those days are probably over, here comes oPod (pronounced 'oh pOdu')..!


It's like an "online iPod" with huge repository of songs (tamil, hindi, telugu, carnatic,etc.). Should be simple to see how it works. Just type the beginning letters of the song, click on your desired song and listen to it.

If you need help, post here. Suggestions are also welcome. Try it!

* Covers the entire collection of musicindiaonline.com for all major languages.
* Tested on Firefox & IE


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