Where is the talented guy V.S. Narasimhan ?

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V.S. Narasimhan, the lead Violinist at Ilay's Orchestra had a superb debut with "Acchamillai Acchamillai" by KB. (Remember the haunting melody of Susheela's Avarampoovu??)
After a loooong hiatus he did come out with a very good score but this time with a flop movie, PAsa Malargal (I think.. it has Revathi and A.Swamy and a whole lot of rich, spoilt kids).
Where is he now. He for once was ORIGINAL.... had IR's influence, no doubt, but ORIGINAL nevertheless. (Mr. deva, are you listening?)
Where is he now?
Whenever I listen to HOW TO NAME IT, where he was the lead violinist, I cannot but feel sorry for him, for the lukewarm response the press and public has given to this talented guy. Any news????


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