S.Rajeswara Rao--a retrospective

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Did music first for "Mathana Kaamarajan". Some of the memorable films for which he composed music are: "Vikramathithan", "Premapaasam", "Paanai Pidithaval Pagyasali", "Amaradevi", "Iru Sagotharagal", "Aval Yaar" besides "Chadralehka". Tamil-Telugu bilinguals: "Allauddin Arbhutha Deepam", "Mangamma Sabatham", "Apoorva Sagotharaagal", "Maya bazaar", "Missiamma", and "Chakradhari". Later for many movies including "Nanthanaar","Mangammaa sapatham", "Kadan vaangi kalyaanam", etc. He was the MD for about 200 movies.

This is what I gathered from the TFM page on MDs, but it doesn't give much information on his TFM contribution. I would like to explore this musician's contribution to TFM.


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