Thread started by Amsa on 17th October 2007 07:23 PM

Pagal ellam un ninaivugal
Irravellam un kannavugal
Ninaivellam unnai kaannum nerangal
Kannavellam ennai kollum nerangal
Kollum neram ellam inimaiyana nerangal
Kollum neram ellam sugamana nerangal
Inimaiyana neram ellam megathil vazhum nerangal
Sugamana neram ellam sorgathil vazhum nerangal
Megathil vazhum neram ellam menmaiyana nerangal
Suvaiyana neram ellam adhisaya nerangal
Azhagana neram ellam anbulla nerangal
Adhisaya neram ellam aasai ulla nerangal....


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