TFMPage's Pick of the week - intha manasil (Kaalam Oru Naal Maarum)

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Often we listen to songs that we feel deserves more appreciation or we discover songs that somehow escaped the attention of listeners or were masked by other popular songs from the same movie.The joy of sharing such discoveries with others could be boundless.
This thread is going to do exactly that.
Songs we host could be really rare or not so rare. We are not limiting to just hosting them.
Many of the songs will be analyzed in detail by carnatic vocalist Mrs Charumathi M.
We are going to start with one song a week. We will try our best to upload the songs in tfmpage but in rare occassions we might just give you the song link.
Finally, if you feel you have a song that you want to share it with rest of us or if you want us to load a particular song, please let us know and we will try our maximum best to meet your request. You can reach us here .

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