SAWAL KA JAWAB DO - new kinda Antakshari

Thread started by Designer on 27th January 2007 01:46 PM

SAWAL KA JAWAB DO - new kinda Antakshari

Hi all !

In this thread, hubbers can post a few lines of any Hindi film song - but it must end with a question. And other hubbers must post another song which must contain lyrics answering the previous question. Not only that, their song must also end with a question.

Some guidelines :

1. The lines containing the question or questions must come AFTER that containing the answer for the previous question.

2. The lines answering the question must consist of atleast 2-3 words.

3. The answer to the previous song's question, can also be another question in itself.

4. The lyrics/lines must be ONLY from Hindi movie songs, and not Indipop, Remix albums etc.

5. If there are multiple questions in the previous lyrics, any or all of them can be answered bye the lyrics you post next !


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