Naga Neram

Thread started by bingleguy on 27th July 2006 12:23 PM

Vanakkam to all the ardent fans of Naga am happy being one amongst you all !

For quite sometime i have been planning to open a thread as a complete and wholehearted fidelity to the greatest Television Director of all times


Naga has a special talent for MYSTERIES which did pave way to his huge success in the small screen sector. Naga is a GURU to many makers

Naga's Marmadesam took him to heights and his recent work Chidambara Rahasiyam also has taken deep into the hearts of many He has special talents making his viewers sit in the tip of their seats He did that in both Marmadesam and CR !

I take this oppurtunity to show limelight on the greatest small screen directors of all times Naga sir I have a lot to write on him which i would subsequently share with everybody .... that too after meeting him in person, i have developed a lot of respect for his intellectuality

Let us use this thread as our interaction thread with Naga - this thread would serve as a common platform for our interactions with him -

Let us shoot our questions to him and We can discuss about his future works, let us share his intectuality ....

Lets Meet Naga !


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