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India has been the Theological Source for the World and Both Vedas and Tamil Tradtion are equally Unique.

Tamil Sangam Literature which can be dated from 200BCE to 2oo CE, and TholKappiyam around 50-100CE, has extensivlely refers to Vedas.

During part of discussion I had quoted them and also the Opinion of Scholars such as Pavanar; but as pages go and New friends come they are not able to follow and I begin this thread.

To me both are Great and complimented each other.

Tholkappiyar after Composing sung it in Presence of "Athankottu Asan" who was a Scholar in Four Vedas. " Nan Marai Murriya "

Tholkappiyar which on marriiages refers to Vedic Tradition, and Love Marriage as equivalent to Vedic Kandarva Marriage.

I shall give releavant verses and confirm in my next posts.


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