A.R.Rahman - S.J.Suryah - Rathnakumar's THIRUMAGAN

Thread started by baba88 on 10th December 2005 02:22 AM

“As soon as I made a decision to act in films, I reduced my weight. I also decided that actor Suryah cannot depend solely on the strength of the story to take him along.

I decided not to ride on director Suryah’s back. By acting…fighting…dancing…I want to triumph as actor Suryah.” For his dedication, S J Suryah was rewarded with ‘Kalvanin Kaadhali.’

The director and producer who saw the first copy have been very impressed. They are convinced that the film will not only bring in the profits, but also a good crowd.

After ‘Kalvanin Kaadhali’ S J Suryah directs Vijay in ‘Puli.’ Asin is Vijay’s co-star in the film. After ‘Puli’ Suryah’s next venture is ‘Thirumagan.’ It has been Suryah’s long time dream to bring to celluloid, life in Thirunelveli on the lines of Bharatiraja’s bani. Producer Thanu has come forward to make the dream come true. The film will be directed by Rathnakumar, who till now has been a story and dialogue writer. It goes without saying that the story and dialogues in the film are by him!

Just like in ‘Kalvanin Kaadhali,’ S J Suryah lets the director do his work in ‘Thirumagan’ and he will do his work as the actor. A R Rahman could be the music composer for the film.



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