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Lots of soure telling that Shankar is going for a vacation once anniyan is released,and would be back to continue his dream project ROBOT..(also source said Shankar is back with ARR)...since knowing ARR composed 1 song for this album ( using 12 guitairs with Guitarist Prasanna)! here are some stale news on Robot...(since i got no other better work...hehehhehe)

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IT'S FINALLY out. The word on Kamal's next release, that is. Kamal Hassan's next film after `Aala Vandhan' slated for a Tamil New Year's day release would be Diwali-release `Pammal K. Sambandham' (PKS), a full-length comedy to be directed by Mouli.

And guess what? It's Simran who's playing his lady-love, for the first time. Pssst! It was supposed to be kept under the hat, for the pooja is happening only on April 2.

Now that the news is out, here is more dope on Kamal's movie after PKS. Yes, it will be director Shankar's `Robot', the special effects special science-fiction flick with dialogues by Sujatha and music by... who-else but Rahman for a Shankar film!

`Robot' will get rolling by July, after Shankar's done with the `Mudhalvan' remake `Nayak'. Now, what's interesting is both `PKS' and `Robot' are films under the Media Dreams banner.

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Preity Zinta in Kamal Hassan’s Robot

30th June 2001 13.17 IST
By N K Deoshi

Preity Zinta’s vivacity and natural talent has made her a favorite among Bollywood’s dream merchants.

Recently the dimpled lass signed a film titled “Robot” opposite Kamal Hassan. The film, a sci-fi thriller, will be directed by the south Indian director Shankar who will make his Bollywood debut with the forthcoming film “Nayak” starring Anil Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. Shankar is planning to use a lot of digital work and computer-generated special effects in “Robot”.

In a press conference held recently, Media Dreams, the producers of the film, dismissed the rumors that the film has been shelved. They further clarified that the film will go on floors after Kamal is through with the entire post-production work of his in-the-making “Abhay” and Shankar too has canned his “Nayak”.

Bollywood insiders affirm that the Zinta girl signed on the dotted line when Shankar approached her with the offer to play the lead. She is reported to be gung-ho about the idea of acting with Kamal Hassan, and thought it “a privilege” to work with “a star of such a caliber”.

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Rajnikanth stays mum
Speculations can now be put to rest.

Rajnikanth’s birthday has come and gone, and there is still no announcement from the superstar about a film with hotshot director Shankar, or anyone else for that matter.

Rajnikanth is content, seemingly, to remain in hibernation. Shankar, however, is moving on.

He was originally supposed to do a sci-fi film, Robot, with Kamal Hassan but that project has been shelved following the non-performance of Abhay (Aalavandaan, in Tamil) at the box office.

Then came the news that talks were on with Rajnikanth -- but that, too, has been scotched with the buzz being that Shankar wanted AM Rathnam (who last teamed with the director on the Anil Kapoor-starrer Nayak) as his producer while Rajnikanth preferred to work with others.

So Shankar is moving on with Boys, a film featuring five boys and a girl, all fresh faces in the industry. The film is supposed to be young, and romantic, and that is all he is saying for now.

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There was a plan to conduct the Pooja for 'Robot' on a grand scale, with all pomp and glory, akin to that of 'Aalavandhan'. But it was not to be Kamal,Shankar, Sujatha and other artists who are connected with 'Robot' are greatly upset in not being able to hold a gala function while launching that ambitions venture. They are obviously nonplussed buy the stern restrictions imposed by the Tamil film Producers' Association.

But nothing could dormant the verve and nerves of Shankar, the zealous and zestful director. He had held a Pooja with all grandeur in Mumbai for the Hindi release of 'Robot'. Taking that pooja into account for all practical purposes, he has set the pace of his filming activities in connection with 'Robot' in motion

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Confirmation from ARR during 2001

Question: What's the film you are working for now?

Answer: In Shankar's direction the film "Robot" is there. I do compose music for it. To whichever corner in the world I may happen to go for composing musical scores only Tamilnadu would have the status of being my motherland-home! I'm a staunch house-bird. It' all very well known to all.


just share ur views on this project...! it really did excite me when i heard its getting revived!! (not hoping on it tough)

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