Tamil roots of sanskrit words

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Now all historians of world talk about tamil and world history.

Indians talk about sanskrit. No longer they can talk about that.

But indian tamil pandits talk about sanskrit derived words of tamil.
They want to purify tamil,thinking that sanskrit is alien from tamil.

Sanskrit is evolved from tamil. Sanskrit words roots are in tamil.

Tamil pandits classify some words having sound like sanskrit as sanskrit words. For example,

ISHtam,KaSHtam,KuSHtam,NaSHtam,PuSHpam, PaSHpam.

These words are not in literary sanskrit is apparent truth. Ask any sanskrity pandit.

Ishtam-Ittam-idu+am- idu means oneway drop,oneway thinking,persons own view.

Kashtam-kattam-kadu+am, kadu means show restriction,disapproval,angry- like in a square -restricted border,an unrelieved pain

Nashtam- Nattam-natu- means once you pierce it,it should not be taken out - once you do it you can not get return.

Kushtam-kuttam-kudu-kuttai- short - when body elements are short kushtam happens.

Pushpam-putpam-pudu-pidu- take out (Sanskrit word is there)

Paspam-patpam-padu- near floor- shorten - empty

Sometimes tamil pandits boastfully tell that all tamil words changed purposefully as sanskrit words.

Kumbakonam- kudamooku

Right hand words are tamil as according to tamilpandits.

Kumbakonam-Kumbam+konam- Kumi+am+konam-kuvi+kone-kuvi+ucchi

Kabistalam- kavi+talam-Kavvi+talam- Kavvi a name of monkey based on its mouth. Note patti for Nai(dog), arima for singam(lion)

Mayuram- mayur+am, mai+Oori+am- colour pickled(colour mixed) an another name for mayil

Vedharnyam-vedham+aranyam-veithal+am+aranyam- 'Koorai veithal-kuraiyal maraithal, araniyam-aran- border or kadu was border in olden days.

mirugam- miru+kam- miru-miratchi-payam+angry feeling.

Some tamil words slightly turned and sound like sanskrit. They are not sanskrit words. But tamil pandits say these are sanskrit words.



Agathuman-Aathuman- Athma




Paramanar- piramanar-Brahminar

I am not criticising tamil pandits. But they have to understand the nature and rationality in the dialects and do best their search in language.

(will be continued)



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