Some tamil words in world languages

Thread started by F.S.Gandhi vandayar on 16th April 2005 01:06 PM

There are enough proofs that all world Languages originated from single language.

New words and sounds were produced. New languages were formed. We cannot find out the root of all words existing in all languages.

But we can detect some words of old in nature resemble particularly in all world old classical languages. We can see some of them in this thread.

Tamil - Mirial/milagu Sanskrit- Miricha

Tamil- muthu Sanskrit-muktha

Tamil-aelam Sanskrit-aelam

Tamil-aruvi, Sanskrit-ru/su, Latin-riv-as, English-river, Greek-ruyo

Tamil- alai , Armenian- Alik, Finnish- Allok, Arabic-alija

Tamil-avvai Latin-av-as, Hebrew-eve

Tamil-Aavi Greek-avo

Tamil-erumbu Latin-oiyus, English-iron German-eyarn

Saksan-iyaring, Spanish- eran, Armenian-yarkath

Tamil-eenu English-yean

Tamil- Aar, Latin- aro, Greek-Arogna Lithuvanian-aru

Tamil- Kaan, sanskrit-kna Latin-Know, English- canon, Greek- knony, German - ksun Kothik- kun-an

Tamil-Kone, Mangolean- Kaan Ostiyak- Kone

Tamil-Koll, russian-kolyu English-kill

Tamil-sudu,sudar, Persian- sud-an, Kurdish- soduge-an

Tamil-nei/neithal, sanskrit- na, Latin-neyo, Greek- nekna, Germanian- na-en

Tamil-pala,palgu, finnish-polyo Manchi- fulu, Greek- polu, German- filu, Latin-plus

Tamil-thogu,thogai Italian-thoogi

Tamil-thigiri hebrew-thigris

Tamil-Oorppurathi Hebrew- Youpratis

Tamil-ethen Hebrew- eden(garden)

Tamil-Yongodu Sumeria- yengidu

Tamil-kai, Hebrew-coin

Tamil-Aayar- Hebrew- Aabel(Aabraham)

Tamil-nadu,naduthal, Hebrew- Knaft(english also)

Tamil-suvar, Hebrew- Shoe

Tamil- Thirayar, Greek-Thiriyar

Tamil-akka, ukraniean-yakkan

Tamil-Annai, Finland- Anya

Tamil-Appa, Finland-appi Hangary- eppa

Tamil- Aaththal, Finland-aththa

Tamil-Aam, Laffish- Aam

Tamil-Kel Finland- kulan

Tamil- maram Laffish- mar

(will be continued later on)



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