The Greatest Indian Epic - Mahabharath

Thread started by Raghu on 31st March 2005 07:36 PM

Dear all,

Let's discuss about the Greatest Epic ever and it's Characters, from the Pandavas, Kauravas to Lord Krishna. I would be greatful if intellectuals like Sudhaama / Pradheep actively take part in this.

Ok, here is my first Question, Lord Vishnu took an Avatar as Krishna during the Dwapara Yuga as Krishna/Balram, and as Ram/lakshman in Satya Yuga, where the lord is to take an Avatr as Kalki in the Kali yuga.

were all my statements above correct, Kalki avtar is said to be the last Avatar in the process, this is the Lord's 10th Avatar!

now, which year did the greatest battle of Kurushestra take place?


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