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Thread started by mirth on 26th March 2005 09:54 AM

Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors. Her mysteries are always well-plotted. I particularly love her Hercule Poirot mysteries although my favourite book of hers, And Then There Were None, does not feature him.

Besides the plot, another aspect of Agatha Christie's books I like is the romance. Yep, the romance. The romance in her books are all subtle and yet memorable. The romance does not take the centrestage but yet I find myself remembering the romantic moments between some characters.

The Death on the Nile, I think is a very good example. You have a girl (Jacqueline) who is willing to do anything for her love. You have another girl (Cornelia) who is pragmatic about love. You have a guy (Ferguson) who is willing to change his principles for a girl.

The contrast between passionate love and the kind that grows on you is well brought out in Sad Cypress. Passenger to Frankfurt, The Man in the Brown Suit, They Came to Baghdad and of course The Murder on the Links had great if limited romantic moments.

So what are your favourite Agatha Christie books and why?


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