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Thread started by catre on 24th March 2005 05:49 AM

Hey everyone, Im a telegu person that HATES telegu movies, mainly because of there retarded plot and repugnant (disgusting) looks! For example, ever heard of nagarjuna? DISGUSTING, HIS BIG UGLY NOSE AND DISGUSTING MUSTACHE, I FEEL LIKE PUKING! Hindi films, though not all, I'm a fan of. I find the quality very nice. I was born in America and have been brought up with American movies, even though I like watching indian things (anything but tamil and telegu movies, more so of telegu)

THANK YOU, PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS YOU CAN, I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK OF WHAT YOU THINK OF TELEGU MOVIES, (I want to see some people who agreee with me and some who dont, give a good argument)



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