NSK songs

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NSK song list:

Chronological(in the order posted)


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I would like to start a list for this. Hopefully, I can get this recorded when I go to India next. I know some songs but I dont know the movies...

1. Vignaanattha Valakkap Porendi in ???

2. Onnilirundhu Irubadhu Varaikkum Kondaattam Kondaattam in Mudhal Thedhi ???

3. I know a couple of lines in the middle of the song but I dont know the beginning...

"Ambadhu Roobaa Sambalakkaaran Pondaatti

Dhinam Ombadhu Murai Kaapi Kudippadhu Annedhi

Embadhu Roobaa Selai Kettaa Kudumbatthukke Virodhi"

4. Ettu Ezhu Aaru

5. Aambalaikkeedo Adi Asade Sol Podavai Kattiya Pombale

6. Ainilo Pakkiriaamaa in Chandralekha

Any more ?


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