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Thread started by Muralidharan S on 6th March 2016 10:18 AM

On 4th Mar 2016 at about 9.30 am, I received a miss call from 37069797624. I did not notice it then. But about 20 minutes later, I observed the call in the missed call registry.

Generally, I ignore such unknown numbers and leave them , without calling back. I am neither a computer wizard nor a techno savvy, but My logic is quite simple . If a person really wants to contact you , he will definitely call you several times. He will nag you till you pick up!

However, here, one thing was intriguing, the timing, morning, unusual time for marketing nuisance. The tele marketers, atleast , most of them , must be brushing their teeth at 9.30 am and too early for them to be at the receiving end !

I was vacillating. But you can never escape fate “If anything can go wrong -- it will.” Murphy law came into play ; So I rang back 37069797624.

Unfortunately, at that material time, I was not knowing the call is from a foreign origin.( From LITHUANIA ISD Code +370. )

I was blindly following a famous author, Sudie Back who said
“Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you: you must acquire it.”

My bad luck, The call materialized, some lady voice in a gibberish. I thought it was a wrong number and disconnected. But not before the damage was done. I was charged Rs.45 (Prepaid AirTel mobile) .

You know now, It is a spam. a potential phishing, something like a Nigerian Scam. So again following Sudie Back on curiosity, I googled. I got this !

Here are the details of the scam, simplified:

They call you, but immediately hang up. You see a missed call. You call back. They charge you for the call, and for each minute they can keep you on the line.

Like many a ruse, this one relies on hitting many, many potential targets at once. The scammer sets up a computer to call thousands of numbers per hour — because for every 99 people who follow their gut and don’t call weird numbers, there’s 1 person who will. It’s all about making mass sweeps and finding the exceptions.

The trick?

They only let the call ring once before it automatically hangs up. One ring is enough for the number to show up on your missed call screen, but just short enough that you’re not likely to answer it in time (which keeps the call from fully connecting and thus keeps the scammer from having to front for any long distance fees.

How To Avoid Gettin’ Scammed:
  • If you don’t recognize a number, don’t call’em back.
  • If you really want to call back, Google the number first. Check the area code to make sure it’s not long-distance. Check the full number, too; in many cases, you’ll find a page full of results saying “Do not call! It’s a scam!”
  • If you’re an Android fan, try to get on a device running Android 4.4 (KitKat). It has a built-in number identification system, and it works quite well for at least identifying legitimate, non-scammy phone numbers as safe to call.

Last, but not least, Check your phone bill for sketchy charges. Your carrier knows aaaall about scams like this, and will generally reverse the charge if you complain.

I complained to Airtel and awaiting their reply.

Some BSNL prepaid customers complains of huge balance reduction after making calls to no starting with +246, 239, 234 and 960. If you get missed call from some international number originating from Maldives, Nigeria, Diego Garcia and Sao Tome

Please do not try to call back.

NB : I wrote to Airtel about this scam. Within 30 minutes, I got back Rs.45 /- re credited to my prepaid mobile account. ! Small solace !


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