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Writing a Doctoral, Post Doctoral and Under Doctoral Thesis/Dissertation is an intimidating task, which many research scholars DON’T REALLY LIKE DOING. I would like to award 9 Points on the scale of 10 to the Thesis/Dissertation and Précis writers, who are in the active service. Thesis/Dissertation or Précis- either of these forms of extensively research based writings take the JUICE out, and in most of the cases, leaves the WRITER/RESEARCH SCHOLAR sweating.

I have often guessed why research scholars who have spent 3 or 4 or 5 years on the subject study, find it difficult when it comes to writing a Thesis/Dissertation? What causes the difficulty? Here are the few reasons why scholars in the helm of their research don’t find it easy and comfortable to present reliable thesis/dissertation to their department:

It is difficult to express the logic and concepts, especially, if the scholar is not the native user of English language;
the expression is thwarted;
research scholars find it extremely difficult to ratiocinate and engage in lateral thinking, particularly in context of writing the thesis/dissertation;
the time frame available for submitting thesis is less;
writing elaborate research accounts on a subject and simultaneously engaging into analysis becomes challenging.

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