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To be honest, I don't even know how to define the genre... I certainly can't claim to be very knowledgeable about Latin music...

But I've heard numerous Spanish/Portugese songs that I've really liked... Of course, I don't understand/remember the lyrics... So, when I've heard a Spanish/Portugese/Italian song somewhere, it's sometimes difficult to search for the song...

I was searching for popularly recommended albums of songs from the genre, and I came across these songs, in a compilation titled "Café Latino", released in 2013, by Putumayo World Records.

So I thought I'd post the videos, from YouTube, here...

--------------------"Por Verte Llegar" - by Monica Giraldo

--------------------Por Verte Llegar

--------------------"El Avion" - by Jose Conde

--------------------El Avion

--------------------"Salima" - by Jehro


--------------------"Soñando con Quito" - by Alex Alvear, feat. Marta Gomez

--------------------Soñando con Quito

--------------------"L'amor" es Déu en Barca" - by Miquel Gil

--------------------L'amor" es Déu en Barca

Indeed there are numerous such compilation albums available, and I will try to post more songs from the same/similar genres here.

It would nice to have some suggestions/recommendations, as well as feedback, from others. Thanks!!



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