Vetri - The 3D Animated Short Film

Thread started by thatguy on 13th May 2014 08:55 PM

Hi guys,

I've recently released my latest short film "Vetri" which took about 6 months to make. "Vetri" is a slightly crazy story about a boy who continually fails in life and enrols in a "Guide To Success" course which promises him great success. Feeling jealous about his brother's success and wanting the approval of his parents, he goes about trying to change his life for the better. A feel-good comedy film.

The film was made using the free software Blender. Characters weren't mine either, I used the freely available CG Cookie Flex Rig to generate all the characters. I mainly developed this film in my spare time while attending a Uni degree. I'm not a filmmaker or animator or anything like that. I've self-taught myself over 3 years through online YouTube tutorials, books. I've made 2 (quite bad) animated short films previously. I still feel I haven't nailed character animation yet.

Here is the poster:
Attachment 3295

Here are some stills:
Attachment 3296
Attachment 3297
Attachment 3299
Attachment 3300

Here is the short film:

It will be great to get any feedback from the audience themselves as this helps me push myself to make even better films. Feel free to be as honest as you wish!


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