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Thread started by chevy on 6th March 2014 11:16 PM

Random thoughts that came to my mind when on a hike trail. Didn't want to change the first thoughts that came to my mind so pardon the lack of rhyme /style

Sun and Rain will
wither you not,
Keep going forward,
with everything you've got.

Each rock on the hill
is like a person in life,
Neither a friend Nor a foe,
merely rocks in your journey.

Some help you climb,
Some make you fall,
Some are moving,
With whom you have to be careful.

Some rocks are enormous
You could take another route
Or take up such feats
If you've got the grit

But if it will wither you
take the lighter route.
The journey is important
As much as the destination.

Is it better to get there first
but be worn out and broken?
or get there when you can
but enjoy the climb.

Falls are inevitable
Some make you cry
Some make you laugh,
But success is for the one
who gets up and goes again.

Others may have
reached first,
or reached easily
Let it inspire,
not challenge or envy

Follow the leaders' spirits
Not their steps.
For what rock was stable for them
may move when you step on it
There are hundreds of other rocks around
waiting to be your stepping stone

You may fall,
cuts are aesthetic bruises
But the body's ache
is a panacea for the hearts'

Hurtful words,
unspoken feelings,
silent tears and
noisy anger,
all were forgotten
when holding on
to a stone for life.

No I can't go, I ll fall
Trust your shoes, said one
How will I come down ?
Live for the moment, said another
What if I scar my skin or break my teeth- I worried
So you don't mind if you break your leg?

So I learned,
to keep climbing,
Trust your hands.
Trust your feet.
Trust your shoes.

You have never seen the summit
But you climb hoping it will be beautiful.
You may find gold on your way
But there is peace at the top.
Stop not.


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