Why I Consider IR Unparalleled

Thread started by kr on 20th August 2013 06:46 AM

I recently was listening to "kalyan raman" and "kadellam pichipoovu" from "Kariyellam Shenbagapoo". I was amazed at the genius of the compositions - the lead guitar, the bass guitar and the seamless blending of western (rock) and folk. In fact, the song "kadellam pichipoo" starts with the lead huitar, followed by base and then by violin in a folk style - the beldning seems so natural. This is just a sample of the brilliance of Raja. I hear the songs that hailed as great by other composers these days and I dont see the same brilliance and fail to understand it. I would call for us to list the IR songs that we think are unparalleled that reflects the genius of our beloved Raja


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