Paattukku Paattu (Version 2.0)

Thread started by RR on 6th February 2005 03:14 PM

Dear friends, let us begin a new PP here in the new Hub.

A few basic rules:

1. Each person should sing at least six different words.
2. PP can be from any word except the first.
3. Songs can begin with the anupallavi/thogayara or the pallavi
4. Variations of the word (or indicated word) are acceptable
5. Similar meaning words cannot be used to begin a song (for instance singing iravu when the word of the previous song is ratthiri)
6. Pls make use of the facilities available in this new Hub

Please take note that subsequent songs should NOT begin with the first word of the preceding song. Thus, mentioning AWEF is redundant!


Besides the above, you can also sing after after each root letters' related letters like க கா கீ கீ கூ...etc


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