Background Music, Title Music, Preludes and Interludes of Tamil Films Prior to 1980

Thread started by RAGHAVENDRA on 8th June 2013 06:17 PM

Research on Tamil Film Music can not ignore background music, which includes Title Music, Interludes, Preludes to songs, etc. I went in search in TFM Section but could not find any except the one started by me exclusively for MSV. So here we can share all the musics of other composers, and occasionally that of MSV too if requested by fellow hubbers. Of course, the period is restricted up to the year 1980 where manual orchestra began to fade out giving way for electronic gadgets.

Hope this thread gets a good reception and friends would like it and come forward to share their views and impressions.

To start with, a very rare background music of an Egyptian Dance from the Old Tamil Film Ellorum Vaazha Venndum. The speciality of this song, is the danseur here was none other than the veteran Egyptian actor Laila (of 50s and not the later one). Music composed by Rajan Nagendra.


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