Raja's spiritual quest in films

Thread started by dochu on 7th January 2013 08:16 PM

For quite some time I have been trying to unearth, Raja's clever usage of religious stothrams, slokas and what not in his film music. He has used many and shows his command over religion.

While going through Thirvempavai today, I unearthed a new one.

1st find:
Manikkavasagar aruliya Thirupalliyezhuchi - 3rd stanza:
கூவின பூங்குயில் கூவின கோழி
குருகுகள் இயம்பின இயம்பின சங்கம்...

Song used in: Sevanthi pookalil....Mella pesungal.

2nd find:
Adi sankarar's Soundarya lahari
Song: Janani Janani....Thai mugakambikai.

There are few more that I can think of, shall post later.

Unless this has been discussed before, can forumers help me to find all of it? please.


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