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The way BAirstow was playing I hope they summon the guts to not call KP for some more time.

Strauss-Cook-Trott : one of these Always fired in the 2 years. Let down.
What's with edging the new ball every single time
Philander was doing nothing great but was always getting wickets, it wasn't funny.

I still maintain Broad or Anderson, in flow, are far better bowlers than this Morkali and philander. But they were so so ordinary while these guys induced so many mistakes. ONNumE puriyalE ulagathilE.

Overall this series was not the 'fast bowling treat' I expected. Not saying this because England lost.

Exactly same excuse being given by BritishvaaLs in Guardian. Feeyaar is a born britisher by temparament

Rob Smyth in Guardian - Well done thennAppirikkA but idhuvE kaNdi pOna varusham vandhirundhIngannA nAnga dhAn jeyichiruppOm. ippO enga pasanga konjam asandhuttAnga.

KP zero adichadukku Karma apdinnu article pOttAn indha payal. ippO England thOthadhu enna KurmavA appO?


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