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Thread: IlayaRaja's New Albums 2013-15 - Mahendran film/Thaarai thappattai/Mythri

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    Raja Peace - Collection of Raja's music over 4 decades


    I have been collecting music for a long time. Not only do I collect music like most collectors, I spend a lot of time in isolating music that appeals to me. With Raja, I have been doing this and create my own favorites. Recently, I noticed that my top Raja list went to over 1,500 songs. This covers all languages, all moods. I know that folks who live in Chennai and other major TN cities do enjoy FM broadcasts that play Raja's old 1980s tracks. I was imagining myself being there and that would not satisfy me. It not only misses out his work beyond the 80s, but also his work in other languages.

    I decided to create my own specialized playlist for the iPod that would span all decades and all languages. The first of this playlist was ' Raja - Peace'. This requires the collection to be playable when you want melody, solace. No loud horns, no high octave violins, no severe drumming. A number of my favorites get chopped due to these criteria. I ended up with roughly 160 tracks, that deliver the criteria that I am talking about.

    I do not know of any websites that would play such a collection. Nor do I know of any radio station that would do it. I am sharing this list here so that some of the members can take it to a public broadcasting website/radio channel. I know that we all do not share the same taste and you may find some misses. Here is my collection:

    Ser# Track Language Decade
    1 Ade Neevu Telugu 1980s
    2 Amruthamayi Abhayamai Malayalam 2010s
    3 Amudhe Thamizhe Tamil 1980s
    4 Anbe Vaa Tamil 1990s
    5 Azhage Unnai Tamil 1970s
    6 Azhge Azhaku Tamil 1980s
    7 Chinna Thaayaval Tamil 1990s
    8 Chinnan chiru annakili Tamil 1990s
    9 Deva sangeetham Malayalam 1990s
    10 Edeya Baagilu Kannada 2000s
    11 Elangaathu_1 Tamil 2000s
    12 Elavenil Idhu Vaigaasi Tamil 2000s
    13 Ellorum Sollum Paatu Tamil 1990s
    14 En Usuru Ennai Vittu Tamil 2010s
    15 En Vaazhvile Tamil 1980s
    16 Endhan Kannil Tamil 1980s
    17 Engiruntho Alaikkum - Lata Tamil 1980s
    18 Enidhu Enidhu Kannada 2000s
    19 Enna Saththam Tamil 1980s
    20 Ennai thodarnthathu Tamil 1980s
    21 EnnuiLe Engo Etho Tamil 1970s
    22 Ennullae Ennullae Pala Minnal Ezhum Neram Tamil 1990s
    23 Enthu Paranjalum Malayalam 2000s
    24 Ghanashyama Malayalam 2000s
    25 Guru Charanam Malayalam 1990s
    26 Indha pachai kili Tamil 1980s
    27 Innarul tharum Annapurani Tamil 1990s
    28 Ithu Oru Pon Malai Tamil 1980s
    29 Kaanakkuyile Kannurakkam Poo Tamil 1990s
    30 Kaatrinile Varum Geetham Tamil 1970s
    31 Kaatril Varum Geethame Tamil 2000s
    32 Kadal_Kattin_F Malayalam 1980s
    33 Kadhal Oviyam Tamil 1980s
    34 Kai Veenaiyai Tamil 1990s
    35 Kalai Neera Tamil 1980s
    36 Kalai Thendral Tamil 1980s
    37 Kalkandam Chundil Malayalam 1980s
    38 Kalyaana Thenila Tamil 1990s
    39 Kalyana Maalai Tamil 1980s
    40 Kamalam Paatha Kamalam Tamil 1990s
    41 Kanavil Midhakkum Tamil 1980s
    42 Kanne Kalaimaane Tamil 1980s
    43 Kanneer thuli Tamil 1980s
    44 Kannil Paarvai Tamil 2000s
    45 Kathalin Dheepam Tamil 1980s
    46 Kaviyam Tamil 1980s
    47 Keladi Kannmani Tamil 1980s
    48 Kodai Kaala Kaatre Tamil 1980s
    49 Konalo Sanna Jajimalli Telugu 1990s
    50 Kunnathae Konnakyum Malayalam 2000s
    51 Maalayil Yaaro Manadodu Tamil 1980s
    52 Malayoram Veesum Kaatru Tamil 1990s
    53 Manamagale Manamagale Tamil 1990s
    54 Mandhiram Idhu Tamil 1990s
    55 Manjolum Raatri Malayalam 1990s
    56 Mandram Vandha Tamil 1980s
    57 Mauni Naanu Kannada 2000s
    58 Mazhai Varuthu Tamil 1990s
    59 Melle Oorndhu Oorndhu Tamil 2000s
    60 Melleyonnu Malayalam 2000s
    61 Metti Oli Kaatrodu Tamil 1980s
    62 Minnaaram Malayalam 1990s
    63 Mouna ragam manaveenai Tamil 1990s
    64 Muthu Muthu Tamil 1990s
    65 Naanaaga Naanillai Tamil 1980s
    66 Nalam Vaazha Tamil 1990s
    67 Nathiyil aadum Tamil 1980s
    68 Nee partha Tamil 2000s
    69 Nee Thoongum Tamil 2000s
    70 Neela Kuyile Tamil 1980s
    71 Nilaave Vaa Tamil 1980s
    72 Nilave Mugam Kaatu Tamil 1990s
    73 Nilave Nee Varavendum Tamil 1990s
    74 Nilavu Thoongum Neram Tamil 1980s
    75 Ninnai Saranadainthen Tamil 2000s
    76 Niram Prithu Tamil 1990s
    77 O Unnala Tamil 1990s
    78 Oh butterfly Tamil 1990s
    79 Oh Nenjame Tamil 1980s
    80 Oorellam Un Paattuthaan Tamil 1990s
    81 Oru Devathai Vanthathu Tamil 1980s
    82 Oru Naal Oru Kanavu Tamil 2000s
    83 Oru Naal Unnodu Tamil 1970s
    84 Oru Raagam Paadalodu Tamil 1990s
    85 Oru Ragam Tharatha Tamil 1990s
    86 Oru Vaanavil Tamil 1970s
    87 Paadoo Sakhi Malayalam 1980s
    88 Pachamalai Poovu Tamil 1990s
    89 Paruvame Tamil 1980s
    90 Poguthe Poguthe Tamil 1980s
    91 Pon Veliyile Malayalam 1990s
    92 Ponnil Vaanam Pottathu Tamil 1990s
    93 Poo Mudithu Tamil 1980s
    94 Poomalai Vangi vanthaen Tamil 1980s
    95 Poon kattinodu Malayalam 1980s
    96 Poongathavae Thaazh thiravaai Tamil 1980s
    97 Poonkatrile Kalai Podhu Tamil 1990s
    98 Poonthendral Kaatre Vaa Tamil 1980s
    99 Poovay Virinju Malayalam 1990s
    100 Poovile Medai Naan Tamil 1980s
    101 Pottu vaitha Tamil 1980s
    102 Poovil Vandu Tamil 1980s
    103 Pudhucheri Kacheri_sad Tamil 1990s
    104 Putham Pudhu Kalai Tamil 1980s
    105 Raathiriyil Poothirukkum Tamil 1980s
    106 Raghavane Ramana Tamil 1980s
    107 Rasathi Rasathi Tamil 1990s
    108 Rasati Unnai Tamil 1980s
    109 Roja Ondru Mutham Tamil 1980s
    110 Sangeetha gnanamu Tamil 1990s
    111 Saranam Bhava Tamil 1990s
    112 Sempoove Tamil 1990s
    113 Senthazhum Tamil 1990s
    114 Shwasathin Thaalam Malayalam 2000s
    115 Sihimuthu Needi Telugu 1980s
    116 Sollaayoh Vaai Thiranthu Tamil 1990s
    117 Sri Rama Lera Telugu 2010s
    118 Sri Ranga Ranga Tamil 1990s
    119 Swapnangal Kannezhuthiya Malayalam 2000s
    120 Thaalatuthe Tamil 1970s
    121 Thaavi Thaavi Pogum Tamil 2010s
    122 Thalaiyai Kunium Tamil 1980s
    123 Thanal Virikkan Malayalam 1980s
    124 Thanga nilavukkul Tamil 1980s
    125 Tharaivaramal Tamil 1990s
    126 Thendral Vanthu Ennai Thodum Tamil 1980s
    127 Thendral Vanthu Theendum Tamil 1990s
    128 Thene Senthene Tamil 1990s
    129 Thene Thenpaandi Tamil 1980s
    130 Thoongatha Vizhikal Tamil 1980s
    131 Thoorathil Naan Tamil 1980s
    132 Thukkamenna Thuyaramenna Tamil 2010s
    133 Un Parvaiyil Tamil 1980s
    134 Unnai Ethir Paarthaen Tamil 1990s
    135 Unnai Naan Paarkaiyil Tamil 1990s
    136 Unnai Nennaichen Tamil 1980s
    137 Unnai Padatha Tamil 1990s
    138 Unnaiyum Ennaiyum Tamil 1980s
    139 Uravenum Tamil 1980s
    140 Uravugal Thodar Kathai Tamil 1970s
    141 Vaa Vaa Anpe Anpe Tamil 1980s
    142 Vaalittezhuthiya Malayalam 1980s
    143 Vaana Malai Tamil 1990s
    144 Vanakuyile Kuyi tharum Tamil 2000s
    145 Vandhadhe Tamil 1990s
    146 Varna vrindhavanam Malayalam 1990s
    147 Vasantha Kaala Kolangal Tamil 1980s
    148 Vedham Anuvulu Telugu 1980s
    149 Vedham Nee Tamil 1980s
    150 Veene Veene Malayalam 1980s
    151 Vellai Pura Ondru Tamil 1980s
    152 Velli Nilave Velli Nilave Tamil 1990s
    153 Vennilavil Malligaiyil Tamil 1980s
    154 Vetti Veru Vaasam Tamil 1980s
    155 Virahamay Malayalam 1990s
    156 Vizhiye Vilakkondru Tamil 1980s
    157 Yamunai Aatrile Ira Katrilae Tamil 1990s
    158 Yedhedho Yennam Tamil 1980s
    159 Yenge Yen Jeevane Tamil 1980s

    Some of you may not know the film name for some tracks. Send me emails, and I will try and clarify.


    Ravi Natarajan

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    That was great list and I can see a lot of hard work went inside, as you have listened to every song and noted it meticulously for the melody and mood accompanied with only certain instruments. As jaiganes mentioned, it is not an easy task to classify Maestro's works. If you take for example, Maestro's guitar works, we can never complete it, it will be a nightmare. Inside guitar, he has played in different fashions for different genres and in various styles. genre wise, jazz guitar, classical guitar, rock guitar, folk guitar, blues, country, ragtime, hawaiian, flemenco, celtic, and so on. Style wise, distortion guitar, phasers, electric, acoustic, synth, pizzicato and many more. All with his bestest 'Bass guitar'.

    Why don't you please open a thread to discuss Maestro's various playlists, as I believe you are already studying and classifying his works?

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    ஆக்ஷன் கிங்கின் இந்த ஆக்டிங் கிங் ஸ்டோரி பற்றிதான் இன்டஸ்ட்ரி மூக்கு மேல் விரல் வைத்து வியக்கிறது. பிரசாத் என்ற இந்த படத்தில் அர்ஜுனுக்கு ஆக்ஷன் காட்சிகளும் இல்லை. டூயட்டும் இல்லை. அப்புறம்? ஃபுல்லா நடிப்பு. நடிப்பு. நடிப்பு மட்டும்தான். காது கேளாத வாய் பேசாத ஒரு குழந்தைக்கு அப்பாவாக நடித்திருக்கிறாராம் அவர். இங்கு ரிலீசாவதற்கு முன்பே பெர்லினில் நடைபெற்ற உலக திரைப்பட விழாவில் படத்தை ஸ்கிரீன் பண்ணினார்களாம். மொழி புரியாத சீனர்கள் கூட கண்கலங்கினார்களாம். படத்திற்கு இசை இளையராஜா என்பதை இந்த இடத்தில் சொன்னால் அதற்கான காரணம் உங்களுக்கும் புரியும்.
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    இளையராஜா இதுவரை இசையமைத்த அத்தனை பாடல்களையும் விஞ்ஞான முறைப்படி மெருகேற்றும் வேலை

    நடைபெற்று வருகிறது. இதில் தேர்ச்சி பெற்ற ஒருவர் கோவையில் இருந்து வந்து பல மாதங்களாக இந்தப் பணியில்


    குமுதம், 21 .03 .2012

    Seems like someone in Coimbatore is digitally remastering all of his songs.
    Now connecting this to his website , could this be the reason why the website is getting delayed ?
    Me thinks so , nevertheless great news.

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    A singer by name Suri Jagan has sung for IR in NEPV & YVM. Quite interesting singer choice! Curiosity level rising !



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    Thanks for your response. I need to do more such work to start a thread separately on the playlists. Recently, I did another on the best of SPB from primarily Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. It covers all MDs, but the majority was Raja's compositions. I make it a point to shoot for the 150 to 160 tracks so that it will fit a 700 Mb CD, which most car players play. Not sure, where to post that list.

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    Thats' good to hear Ravi. There is another thread for SPB in general. Please post it here.

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    After listening to 'Dhoni' multiple times and hearing the BGM while my wife was watching the movie, I declare that 'thavi thavi' is the best song in the album. Not that anyone asked But the orchestration and its integration with the song is inch perfect. The way the violins start the song or the way they join in during the songs and the interludes. Everything has a touch of the master. The more I listen to the album the more this song becomes closer to the heart.

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    Review of PRASAD movie:

    "...The ustaad of film music Ilayaraja background score is the second hero of the film. The correct approach to the situations enhances the quality on the technical side. The title song and happy jaunt song are very sweet to hear..."



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    Aadhi sokka is making me sokkifying in every inch and seconds of the song..orchestration, rendition ..dam good song.
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