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Thread: The White light Calling - Final

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    The White light Calling - Final

    Chemba stood there for a second, not knowing what to do. Where the hell did he go? And then it hit her.

    “Oh lord..Oh lord.. Paval. We need to hurry”

    “What? We just got here. We haven’t even checked out the place. What's the hurry, those guys are way off. Don't you see that fading light?”

    “No..No.. it's not about them. And we have no time. We need to get to him right now"

    "Yeah I know. And that is precisely what I am trying to do, finding out that bloody trap door. We need to get him out before it is too late.”

    “Oh but you don't understand. He is already out.”

    “He is what?”

    ".." Chemba merely shuffled legs as her eyes darted here and there anxiously.

    "Hey, are you alright?"

    “Listen Paval. I saw him. He...He must have escaped. I saw him hide behind this tree. But he is not here. He..He must be trying to climb down.” she looked down from the cliff. She trembled as she spoke the last words.

    A hazy image of mahendran climbing down with his sword came to her mind.

    “Paval. Please believe me. We need to rush. I don’t want to miss him again. There is a big danger down there. A dangerous water hole.”

    Though Paval was clearly upset about the erratic behavior of the otherwise calm woman, something urged her to follow Chemba. So she didn't wast much time into thoughts but rather jumped into action. They needed to find him anyway.

    Without another word, the women climbed down as fast as they could. When she was close to see the deep pit chemba looked down.

    There he was. He was climbing very slowly, using only one hand. And he was climbing down straight towards the pit. Would he know what it was? Not waiting for paval anymore, Chemba jumped down.

    Her mind was oblivious of the cautious shouts from Paval above. The cold wind of the night or the strong current of the water or the danger that was waiting down for her, nothing stopped her. Her eyes fixed at the dark form that was moving down, she climbed down and called out

    He looked up.

    He was stupefied for a moment. Was it an illusion? Was he hallucinating? Or is it really her? How could she come here and why did she come?

    His deep thoughts disturbed his careful moves. He slipped.

    “Madhan……..”chemba cried from above and jumped down near him.

    He went straight to the pit and would have fallen right into it if she had not gripped his hand from above.

    “Chemba is that you?”

    “Yes.. It’s me. Can you use your other hand to grip this thing” she threw the torch aside and put out her other hand for him.

    He used his injured hand to grip it. The pain killed him. “ah..”

    His sudden movement made ripples in the pit and suddenly the pull got stronger.

    “Chemba. I think this is a ..”

    “Whirlpool. I know” They didn’t speak much . Madhan tried his best to pull himself out.

    After a few futile efforts“It’s no use. Please save your self” he said dully

    “Oh..SHUT UP... SHUT UP....SHUT..UP. Don’t you dare leave me alone again” she cried. The strong almost pushy statement from her stunned him as well as Paval who was standing a few feet up still struggling to get down to them.

    “Chemba it’s getting stronger.” he said


    Paval had come in by then.

    “Oh thank god. Paval please help me pull him. It’s a whirlpool”
    The combined effort of two women was no match for the strong current.

    “Oh god.. I am losing him.”Paval cried.

    “…we will not” Chemba looked around like a mad woman and finally her eyes fell on something. A
    huge rectangular looking block of rock that was half submerged in the water right beside madhan.

    “Paval hold him for a second.” Chemba ordered Paval and jumped near the block of rock and started to shake it out.

    “Chemba..What are you doing? That is ...Please.. I am losing here..”

    “Hold on for a second” the rock seemed to move a little, surprisingly lighter for its size.

    “Chemba please.. “Paval tugged as hard as possible even as the underside of her arm started to bleed by the bruise of rubbing on the crooked rock. Fatigue and hopelessness started to envelope her slowly and that in a second paved way for fear.

    'No..No..No I cannot feel fear now. Not now..' She told herself and tugged hard. Madhan was trying really hard from not falling into it. It wasn’t that big a hole but yet he couldn't find a foot hold to balance himself . The current was too strong. It almost felt like hundred invisible hands pulling him towards the abyss of darkness. The only force that kept him going was the fierce looking eyes looking at hin from above, that glinted a shade of silver moonlight.
    He smiled for a moment looking at that face that was the most beautiful face for him. His heart brimmed with love that warmed his body and the heat dissipated as fresh tears. Suddenly he felt light. He didn't bother dying looking at his love. But still he couldn't give up the chance to fight to be with her.

    "Chemba hurry up"Paval’s voice had become husky.

    “Wait..” Chemba was using all the power she had. Her right foot toe nails got pulled off and she felt the terrible pain shoot up. She had bruised herself in several places and yet she just didn't care. She used all her energy to move that rock and she did move it from its position. With same zeal and force she shoved it with all her might into the pit.

    “Now Paval..Pull paval. Pull now..Pull right now.”

    Paval pulled and he came out easily.

    “huh..oh god.. at last.”madhan crawled out and fell on his back while Paval eased down on the rock. She was exhausted too but an unmistakable smile of victory was stuck on her face.

    They all felt heaven for a second. But no..not for long.

    It was not over yet. Chemba who had jumped near the rock was now trying to come out of there. She was too happy or she was too careless, she didn’t think much about the slicky surface of the edge. She slipped and slid a few steps and at last went for a head down free fall into the deep abyss below.

    “CHEMBAA…” madhan who was watching her, acted immediately and stretched out his one healthy hand.

    Destiny is stronger than the gravity which was also acting against them at this moment.

    So, they fell down.

    They fell down as paval watched them with a gaping mouth, she watched helplessly at the split second dramatic disaster that unfolded in front of her.

    It was all over in a mere second.

    Chemba with her hand still clutched in madhan’s hand fell down into the deep blackness below along with him without the slightest knowledge that the huge rock that she pushed in earlier was nothing but the treasure that’s worth millions which she now pushed into the deepest of pits…never ever to be found.

    epilogue below...

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    The ICU was once again crowded by paandurangan family. This time they all looked weary but happy.

    Paval looked exhausted but happy and satisfied.

    She had almost lost hope there on that hill top. She was crying (something she does very rarely) like a baby there all alone. And then like a mircale she heard the splash of water followed by the choking sound.

    She ran up to the hole. Madhan was holding an injured Chemba in his good hand as he tried to reach the surface with his bad one. Paval reached out and after a struggle they managed to come out safely once again.

    Only then did Paval notice that Chemba had injured her head badly while she tumbled into the pit. She was unconscious and still was loosing blood. Madhan seemed to have forgotten about his pain. Paval after a long time felt the comfort of being in able hands during a crisis.They contacted the base and didn’t wait for help to reach them. Madhan carried Chemba on his shoulders while Paval lead him with the torch.

    Back in the base, when they were safely tugged in the interior of the ambulance the thugs were already inside the police van. But she just stole a glance at them.

    Chemba was still bleeding and was in the danger of falling into a coma while Madhan had suddenly succumber to fever and was shivering badly.

    She was terrified but didn’t loose hope. They still have time, she thought.

    Paval slowly averted her eyes.

    A whole day and two nights had passed since then. She didn't go out much except for changing and resting. They all pretty much hung out here. She even didn't bother about checking on the latest improvement on the case.

    She already knew that they had found the secret hideout that held a huge and sophisticated lab and storage area filled with innumerable herbs.

    By now the news must have made headlines or the otherwise.

    She smiled. Help will come from all corner for those filthy rich criminals but straight and swift judjement to those who do petty robberies.Bloody politics. Who cares? Her duty was over.

    Her eyes drifted towards her loving sister. Selvi was sitting beside a dull and tired looking Vikki, peeling out fresh oranges for him. Vangs looked more sober than before.

    Smitha looked confident. Shekar had eyes only for oviya who was cheering up everyone with her witty remarks.

    A red eyed paandurangan and a sleepy looking meenakshi, mangalam, manickam all were there, waiting for the door to open.

    The door opened and the doctor came out. All eyes fell on him. He stopped still.

    “What? Why are you all looking at me like that? I have already told you that she has crossed the critical condition. They are both Ok. They are just resting right now. Why are you all so sad? Cheer up. They might wake up any minute. Make some smiley faces.” He smiled brightly and left.

    The corridor at once was alight with happy chatter. Paval sighed and rested her head on the backrest. She then saw him. The tall frame, the familiar speed walk.

    “Paval, are you alright? “ Muthu, ran to her in one sweep as soon as he saw her. His action told what he truly felt about her.

    She smiled reassuringly. Muthu is her Boss. He is the Inspector of R2 Police station where she is the sub inspector. They had solved quite a few cases together and Muthu is contemplating on quite a different kind of alliance with her altogether.

    He was so worn out and looked like he had had several sleepless nights.

    “I am quite ok, Boss. How are you? It’s about time you came. So tell me all. what happened?”

    “Oh we got him alright. A damn rich respectabel US citzien of Indian origin with a long list of accomplishments to add to his resume.

    But we know his types right? He gave a calm and dignified statement earlier today denying any research by his company on ‘kayakalpam’. He even denies knowledge on smuggling the herbs or the setting up of the lab and put all the blame on his Indian research head and one other guy on his top Indian office. He and his group of lawyers made him look like a God yesterday. Its all flimsy. You will soon see everything in the papers.

    Just made today’s news headlines and might even turn into a cover story, will be in the front page probably for a week at the most. That’s it. He will be free to do whatever he did in this free for rich world.

    True that they are finding newer and newer facts about this guy every minute. Sources say that he is an Aclass smuggler and also a high class drug lord. But I doubt any of that will come out to the main source media. It might and if it did it will only bring in the face of that ill fated research head.” he gave a meaningful smile and then continued.

    “It is really a wonder that he never came under our radar. But again it is not a wonder since he was too perfect in what he was doing and had way too strong connections on the higher level. You should see the force from above to hush this up faster.

    All his papers say that he is running a regular high standard pharma company in the US. It might become huge if some US reporter digs this deeper. Otherwose, it might be just days he comes clean out of this mess. “

    “Poor guy”


    “The research head ofcourse.”

    “Yeah.. And to know that they had been using the power of ayurveda for street drugs in the US, it's
    disgusting. All that said and done, what do we care anymore hmm? With his money he will even bring out his reasearch guru in a few weeks time or so. And by that time, the public would have totally forgotten about them and would be engrossed in some other new news.

    Anyways we did what we could and all credit goes to my little Miss.Marple here” he smiled at her

    “Not just me. It was a team work. If not for the kids here we would never have known about these things. And the local police..When we came down to the base, the team had already reached there and was pretty fast in packing them (fake siddhas) up in a pile. We should give the credit to them and to you who organised everything from miles away, armed just with a handphone.”

    “Yeah?” he smiled at her and she looked somewhere.

    “Still, I am so proud of you “

    “Oh please. Stop it. And besides I am not worthy of it”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Yes I almost lost them there you know? They fell in right infront of my eyes.”

    “Yeah you told me like thousand times over phone remember? Then how the hell did they come up? Magic?”

    “Not majic Boss, just simple Physics”

    “Ok. Now you lost me”

    “Boss they both fell inside the hole and didn’t come back for almost one minute.I was like ‘what the heck?’ and then all of a sudden they come up choking. You know how suddenly the whirlpool turned into a silent pool?”


    “The pit is smaller in width Boss, atleast as it went deep down. I think, it probably tappered as it went down. When Chemba pushed the huge block of rock she merely closed the hole in midway thus blocking the endless chute of current. Without the current, it was just a matter of time for them to swim up. See? Just physics”

    “And that was discovered again by my little Miss. Marple.”

    “Oh shut up” she smiled as her cheeks turned into a pretty shade of pink and someone cried from behind

    “Hey they are awake”..oviya ran in and others followed.

    “My dear are you…"Paandurangan stopped in midsentence.

    Oviya looked and smiled at them and said“Alright everybody. I guess we are not invited inside. Let us all go and how about a nice sandwich? Speaking of which I am really hungry..”

    “Yeah you always are” Shekar twisted her ears playfully and Smitha giggled.

    “So how about another short trip before my marriage? Any ideas? “A serious looking Vikki asked the others.

    Selvi who looked all silent and sweet until now, in an instant became a ‘Bathrakali’ and started to thrash him with ther handbag.

    Everybody laughed away their tears and tiredness, while Chemba alias Poongodi Naachiar and Madhanan alias Mahendra Boopathi dwelled in silence.

    Their cots were seperated feets away but their fleeting eyes were welded together, smiles frozen on their lips, they went floating in their own world where nothing else could ever come between them, not even the strongest destiny..

    The scorching bright white light of midmorning sun glared in through the glass window, just to take a peek at them.

    The End.

    …………Thank you readers for your continuous support …………………

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    What an immense relief I feel - for all the souls, all the pairs, esp the hero and heroine!!! Subam!
    A beautful, action cum thriller story, cinematic every bit of it! Congrats, Iniyamalar!
    What is the suspense behind the rock pushed inside the whirlpool??? Let us wait for the next serial!!!
    Eager to watch the trends of the world & to nurture in the youth who carry the future world on their shoulders a right sense of values.

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    Agree whole-heartedly with PP maam! Wonderful story Iniyamalar! Though I'm happy that all went well, there's also a little sadness to know that the story has now come to an end and we wouldn't be looking forward for more episodes. To tell you the truth, I just fell in love with all your characters and I'm going to miss them badly after this.

    Looking forward for more interesting stories from you. Keep writing! You're absolutely terrific!
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle.

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    The title is what which made me land here. Good title. Ever heard of Black Light Kaaling?
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