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Thread: Usage of Carnatic music in films

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    Usage of Carnatic music in films

    I am not trained in carnatic music and hence my query would be too simple. However please do help me to understand the area of doubt.
    Classical Carnatic music does not have an overt introduction music and fillers [some call it interludes, bridge and even strangely bgm]. The accompanying instruments also do not venture out of the melody line as a counter part of the lead artiste. Yet the greats like G.Ramanathan. SM.Subaiah Naidu. SV.V and even Papanasam Sivan have used these to a great extent very effectively. Without spoiling the feel of Indian or Tamil touch. Was there an already existing grammar in classical music of India or was it a unexplained genius of the early composers in the film industry. I do not believe they were dependent on the contribution by musicians trained in western music as they have controlled the usage of western instruments. After the era of MSV the areas I have mentioned are sadly not satisfactory. Sometimes even repulsive.
    I am not a biased person as I enjoy any music ranging from western classical to Heavy metal through carnatic and any know form of music.
    Hope to get an answer.

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    DC sir ..... evolution nnu solla mudiyAdhu .... may be "theory of change" ..... andha kAlathula a carnatic touch was an absolute in film n drama music, but indha kAlathula heavy metal and rock mixed carnatic kooda edir pAkkarAnga .... may be ppl wanted to come out of monotonous tone .... innikki idellam irukku - nAlaikki enna varumO ?
    carnatic based MDs pathi pesum podhu KVM mama vai vittuteengalE
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    Sorry for not including Mr KVM. It was a an unintentional mistake. Perhaps the list was longer than mentioned and hence the subconscious undoing.
    He was probably one who even in later years avoided western instruments in "purana film" songs such as those in Thiruvilaiyadal and yet made them immortal.
    Regards .

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    Ragas hit a high

    Can film music composed in different times in different situations by different composers sound similar? Just pin back your ears to ‘Kannale Pesi Pesi Kolladhe…’ from Adutha Veetu Pen (1960) composed by Adhi Narayana Rao, ‘Pukarta Chala Hoon Mein…’ from Mere Sanam (1965) composed by O.P. Nayyar and ‘Raja Raja Cholan Naan…’ from Rettai Vaal Kuruvi (1987) composed by Ilayaraja. And you will know the answer.

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