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Thread: Which non-indian film u saw recently has made u post here???

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    Apostle [(2018 : English : 2H10 : Horror (Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy)]
    Written, directed & produced by Gareth Evans (The Raid) starring Dan Stevens (The Guest)

    Available on NETFLIX
    Viewers discretion is advised

    "And we showed them the glory and the love of God himself, and then they showed us the Devil."

    A resurrected warrior of God, who had left behind his faith during the process, must reach an island and confront a religious leader convicted of crimes.

    The film is gore and violent, but has its own scenic beauty in it. Apostle is completely different from The Raid series and concentrates this time on social and enviornmental issues. Gareth Evans throws much politics inside where all those who go against the government are not saviours. Just like his previous films, the Apostle is wonderfully shot, suspenseful, scary at the same time entertaining too. The film quietly shifts genres keeping intact the interest eventhough the basic model of the scenario puts a doubt of watching a fable. Dan Stevens reminds me a lot my favourite super-hero Bruce Campbell (The man called Ash who had fought evil for several decades ... LoL). The Guest was the first movie that I saw of Dan Stevens and I quickly recognised the villainous brace behind the charming face. Just like Ryan Gosling, for that Di Caprio, Dan Stevens can emit pure evil. Its amazing to see writers creating dark characters and allowing them to meet a bigger evil and see what happens. Lucy Boynton is a doll. The mysterious island surrounded by creepy atmospheric music sometimes increases the heartbeat. The metaphor is quite cleverly planted while contructing the story running along with the dialogues and action.

    Apostle - Evil Alive
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    The Night Comes for Us [2018 : Indonesia : Lang - Indonesian, English, Mandarin, French : Action (Indonesian martial arts - Pencak Silat) : 2h]
    Written & Directed by Timo Tjahjanto (Headshot) starring Julie Estelle, Iko Uwais & Joe Taslim

    A Netflix Exclusive
    Viewers discretion is STRONGLY advised

    Iko Uwais does an extended cameo in the film, and participates in a One-to-One Pencak Silat with Joe Taslim. There are few other artist who get to play some nasty & blood-soaked violent action :

    1/ Julie Estelle [Hammer Girl from The Raid 2 (2012)] is a 'proper-nameless' assassin code named : The Operateur. In the begining her contract was to trap a killer who had gone rogue, but she changes her objective to take a defensive stand and battles against two other contract killers who were trained in her assassin academy. The fight happens inside an appartment and follows through the corridor over the debris of dead human bodies who were exploded into pieces by a grenade just a moment before.

    2/ The Killer has to get to a butcher shop and retreive a package while being well aware that a contract has been put on his head. The butchers are waiting where even a bone of the dead animal is a weapon of defense for the Killer. Inside the hanger, the men brawl with sharp objects around the blood dripping fresh dead meat. Then arrives the cavlary with shot guns blazing punching anything that moves with exploding shells.

    3/ While the Killer leaves to the butcher shop, his three friends protect his appartment. Just like a rain downpour, the contract killers flood inside the appartment with chinese cleaver, machetes, batons and "whatever-else-that-inflicts-pain". The trio must fight their way down till the parking lot, with only one objective - Kill or be killed : Chop Chop Human Sushi

    Well, the above snippies on fight sequences should avert you as to why 'Viewers discretion is STRONGLY recomended', meaning, the film is not only restricted to kids, but to the adults also who don't have the stomach to feed in the ultra violent and brutal action.

    The Night Comes for Us is a gonzo spectacle. It has a lots of unique action sequences, original visual designs mixed with realism. There are very few movies that are made with gonzo concept, and many spectateurs (claiming to be critics and reviewers) don't know the existance of such piece of filmwork. Gonzo film-making is nothing to do with story or editing or cinematography or any other front line filmy jargons blah, blah, blah. Its about the subjective narrative (A narrator of a subjective point of view (also known as 'limited omniscience') knows everything about a single character only, and sees the story through the eyes of that character). It will apply weird ideas like the imaginary "The Six Seas" and their activities in The Night Comes for Us. Timo Tjahjanto had brought everything of Pencak Silat while showing the violent side of the Indonesian martial arts.

    Enjoy the film if you are already introduced to artsploitation and gonzo type of films. Try it to experiment keeping in mind that film is ultra violent. Else, there are much other films to see that suits your savour.

    The Night Comes for Us - Vicious

    PS : Iko Uwais also stars in Mile 22 (2018). Again an extended cameo with couple of martial arts fight sequences. I thought - Mile 22 as a novel would have been great to see how the events unfold with an exception that the dialogue transcript should be reworked. As a film, it is not in my recomendation list. Watch it if you like the work of Iko Uwais. Plus its a Mark Wahlberg starrer ... no further comments.
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