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Thread: Which non-indian film u saw recently has made u post here???

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    Bone Tomahawk

    Genre: Western.


    Kurt Russel is The Sheriff of a small town in The West in the 1700s. As it was during the time, there is a gruesome on going war with The Indians. The occasional shot gets fired and a tribe might ambush a group of settlers every now and then. The movie starts with two drifters who claim no allegiance to anyone, robbing a group of campers and escaping through an Indian Burial Ground, decorated with human skulls and femurs. They get ambushed by a couple Indians who don't look like the average tribe. One of the drifters escapes and makes his way to Kurt Russel's town, decides to spend his night drinking at a bar, and is taken into custody, getting shot in the process. A local Nurse is asked to handle the gun shot wound at the Sheriff's Station. The Nurse is married to a Cowboy (Patrick Wilson), who seems to have broken his leg trying to fix his roof, so he is bed ridden. That night, the town gets ambushed by the Indians who come looking for the Drifter who had earlier disrespected their Burial Ground. The next morning, The Drifter, The Nurse, and a Sheriff Deputy are missing along with several horses from the Stable. The Sheriff (Kurt Russel), The Crippled Cowboy (Patrick Wilson), Another Sheriff Deputy who is a weak, old and dull man, along with A Local Gentleman (Mathew Fox) who fancies himself to be quite the "Indian Killer" (Killed more Indians than everyone else in the Town combined as he states) all decide to go after the "Godless Heathens" to retrieve the hostages. They call in a local professor, to explain the specific tribe, and he states that this is no ordinary Indian Tribe. "These Heathens do not belong to any specific tribe. They are barbaric animals. They rape their own mothers, and eat their own offspring. The have no respect for anything. They're barbaric Cannibals!" he says. The Journey makes up the rest of the Film.

    The Review

    This movie is suspenseful, gritty, gory, disturbing and keeps you watching until the very end. Kurt Russell is a pleasure to watch as a badass sheriff. Mathew Fox does justice playing the blood thirsty quasi racist who you would want on your side in a fight. This film is an engaging treat if you have the stomach for Gore and Violence, but with good reason.

    In A Nutshell: Blood, Guts, Duty, and Glory in the Wild West = The Bone Tomahawk.
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    Suburra [2015 : Italian : 2h15m : Drama (Socio-Political, Gangster, Thriller)]
    Country : Italy

    Directed by Stefano Sollima (the man who made the fantastic film A.C.A.B)

    First film produced by Netfilx ; Based on a novel of the same name by Carlo Bonino and Giancarlo De Cataldo.

    Starring : wonderful actors -
    Pierfrancesco Favino - The Cobra from A.C.A.B - Got to see this guy carrying himself as a Politician in this film.
    Elio Germano - "The young man with dark eyes" from the movie The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun [While watching his enact, I always felt that he is the Italian version to Christopher Waltz)
    Claudio Amendola - Another amazing character oriented artist who emits the mirror image of the role he plays.
    Giulia Elettra Gorietti & Greta Scarano - pretty & stoned ladies (LoL)

    Rated R (The film shows a suicide too, apart from violence & sex)

    Suburra-the film accounts the crucial last seven days of a major deal involving money and politics that could change the entire face value of Italy. Piloted by a man called "Samurai", who actually goes to any extent to corrupt anyone around him to make the trade work, orders the warring gansters to hold to their calm until the bill is passed in the parliment. But greed fetches each one to tear apart each other, while three other characters - a sacred entrepreneur, a prostitute and a girl madly in love with her man - get mingled without their accord in the blood bath that follows.

    Wonderfully picturised film with great characters acted by brilliant artists. Its a Drama which gaurds the attention with its pace, slow but sturdy. Stefano Sollima has got some very bright vision on the way he wants to narrate his tale. For those who really look into such thing - this film holds a fabulous opening & closing shots, they way it is depicted is simply superb. The movie is loaded with cool sound tracks too. The song that follows a suituation inside a sea-side house is very effective. The rain in the movie is a wonderful touch - The cleansing water that could potentially change Rome, unfortunately polluted with corruption drowns the city. (Well that's a kind of spoiler, but actually it does not give out much but would make sense once you have watched the movie).

    Suburra - A Flood of Corruption

    "The song that follows a suituation inside a sea-side house is very effective"
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    Deadpool (The Movie) [2016 : English : 1h50m : Marvel Super-hero]
    Based on the character 'Deadpool' by Fabian Nicieza (writer) & Rob Liefeld (artist) in 1991 for The New Mutants (a Marvel Comics group)

    Movie Directed by Tim Miller and almost everything else by Deadpool.

    Starring : Deadpool

    Rated R - for almost everything, esp. the first film to show a "butt-shot".
    Write-up Rated R too, for explicit language, so it gets inside a spoiler tag


    From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time, comes ... me! - Deadpool

    Wade Winston Wilson, as seen in the trailer, is dying. He accepts to volenteer for a cure. The treatement, well "an unauthorised medical nuclear infused atomic experimental test", simply put injecting a fluid substance into the veins that tortures the patient physically and finally rips off his skin. But it gives the body an abilty to grow itself, again and again and once again.

    Deadpool narrates his story, rather his first film. He had finally found a studio to finance his film (reality is that the Film got in and out of the cans for about 15 years and from New Line Cinema to Fox to Marvel dusted their hands on the franchise) and he is happy to walk us through the events that occured in his life in between a "car crashing gun blazzing" action sequence. Ofcoarse, he was Wade Winston Wilson, if you have not guessed it already, but now has become Deadpool the super-hero, oppps, the Super-Villain who has the revenge mode loaded up and errect to find the man who had done all this, well, who made him get behind a mask to hide his ugly face.

    So, when Deadpool is kicking around, the villain kidnaps his girlfriend. Oh yeah, Wade Winston Wilson was in love with Venessa and Deadpool is in love with Venessa, still (oh! come on). Their first meeting was at a bar, where she had only 30 minutes of spare time. So they play with the games-machines, and when they find out that they only have 3 more minutes left, they perform a quickie. Throughly contended of sharing a same life style, the couple spend some fantastically gorgeous time with each other walked through by a Holiday themed sex routines.

    "I ain't super, and I'm no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking superhero." - Deadpool

    Now Deadpool can't show his face to her, at the same time he cannot leave Venessa in the hands of Ajax whom he thinks had lifted his nick name for a dish-wash commercial. Here, Deapool turns quite serious, serious as exactly as in serious. He advices a cab driver - an Indian lost in Romance, gets along with friends and keeps his promises, gives the side-kicks a second chance and finally takes down Ajax keeping in mind what his friend Colossus had told him about being a super-hero - There are only four to fives instances in life that one gets to prove to be a real super-hero.

    The film ends with Deadpool promising that he will make sure to look for the remaining 4 chances to become a Superhero.

    ... well, well, wait after the credit and don't tell anyone that I told you to !

    Deadpool - "I'm touching myself tonight."

    Deadpool is as funny as its vulgur - visual gags, adult jokes, spoofy dialogues [the theatre errupted for the pun at the movie Taken, also by the mention of Wham (LoL)], insults, curse words, fart jokes ... the list goes on. So its obviously not for kids. The major and the only problem with the film is the constant styled comedy, which at most of the time works well. The stunts are extremely good & gore. This is a kind of movie that should be watched amoung an outraging audience, saw the prémiere on Tuesday at GrandRex with about, well the hall was FULL, and the crowd enjoyed every single gimmicks of Deadpool.

    A simple story, top notch techies, wonderfully directed, funny dialogues, interesting plot advancements, very limited characters who are charming, Morena Baccarin and above all Ryan Reynolds (at a point he says "No green suit please" Lol) as Deadpool is certainly more than enough to watch the movie, absoulutely with your girlfriend or a partner.

    Deadpool - "Crime's the disease, Meet the Cure"

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    Room 2015

    Watched Feb 18, 2016

    Room starts and ends trying to be a conventional film, but that's the beauty of it as it isn't.

    The direction is brilliant, you will see it in the scene in the hospital as the little guy Jack is being carried by his mum Ma. From the infinitely big room with unending space when taken into the real world he feels claustrophobic. That scene is what much of the film is about, the changing perception of the child, like how we will feel if we suddenly aren't attracted to the ground beneath our feet.

    Kept wondering throughout the film where I have seen Brie Larson before and a click in IMDb told me "Spectacular Now". 3 years back she pulled off being a highschooler and now in this she shines like a crazy diamond as a mom of a five year old who has experienced the Stockholm syndrome so much that she tells herself that she has to escape with her only aid, her five year old son.

    There are moments where the little guy says some really perfect lines which may seem far-fetched but at least he isn't that annoying smart kid who does everything right. This kid forgets some important things, this kid talks to tables and chairs, this kid doesn't show off smartness, but this kid is full of heart and courage, so is this film. This dark horse contender might be overlooked, might even be forgotten in years to come but once in a while a film fan will chance upon this and be blown away. That's how good Room is.
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    Mike Flanagan Duology

    Writer, director & editor.
    Prime Genres : Supernatural - Psychological mixed inside Horror / Thriller
    Country : US of A

    Mike Flanagan takes a simple plot, explores it under a different perspective squeezing them into a psychological braket while crushing the characters inside horror (thriller). His writing is fresh and original, which does not rely on gore but injects bloodiness inside the mind through his fabulous narration, visualisation and presentation technics.

    (Be kind to yourself by not peeking at the trailers of these 2 films. Hit directly the play button and jump in to experience some fine chillness.)

    Oculus [2013 : English : Horror (Psychological)]

    Starring : The Russel Family
    Katee Sackhoff as Marie Russell & Rory Cochrane as Alan Russell - Parents
    Karen Gillan as Kaylie Russell, Brenton Thwaites as Tim Russell - Siblings
    [Annalise Basso as 12-year-old Kaylie & Garrett Ryan as 10-year-old Tim]

    The Russell family moves to a new "shinning" house, but the house is not haunted, it's the mirror which brings horror by pocessing the parents. A tragic night puts Tim in a rehab and years later the siblings reunite to retell the story of that calamitous night. Thus, Man versus Mirror begins where man tries to outplay the mirror all the while been played by the mirror itself.

    There are few many wonders in this film right from performence to scene setting to eerie music. It's during the ACT3 Mike charms us with his narration where the past events experienced by the siblings as kids reflects on the adult brother & sister. The incidents merge where the suituation of the kid version is experienced by the adult version. Moreover, at a point of time what is real and which is irreal turns the events interesting.

    Oculus - Eye of the Mirror

    Hush [2016 : English : Thriller (Horror)]

    Starring : Kate Siegel as Madison "Maddie" Young & John Gallagher Jr. as The Man

    Well, the picture says it all.

    Hush - A calm night, A lonely night with A stalker.

    PS : If you liked these films and are a fan of supernatural thrillers, check Mike's Absentia & Before I Wake films.
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    Dual Heist Thriller Films

    Film 1
    Cien años de perdón [One hundred years of forgiveness] (2016)
    English working title : To Steal from a Thief
    Country : Argentina / Spain
    Language : Spanish
    Runtime : 1h35m

    Directed by Daniel Calparsoro (screenplay by Jorge Guerricaechevarría)

    A group of thiefs take over a bank in Valencia using bomb jackets and guns. Before performing the heist, they had well planned their exit route. Their leader takes the negocitor for a ride by demanding a van and a plane to buy them time, while his assosiates empty the vault. When their exist plan does not work, the theives are now desperate to re-negociate the terms with the police in exchange to the lifes of the hostages. But as time runs short shrinking their escape, so does the terms as the negociator gets replaced by the army general while his men have completely surrounded the bank.

    Cien años de perdón (To Steal from a Thief) - Twists, Turns & Thrills.

    Film 2
    Triple 9 (2016)
    Country : United States
    Language : English
    Runtime : 1h50m

    Directed by John Hillcoat (screenplay by Matt Cook)

    A pack of theives sucessfully carryout a heist job for a mafia group. These men come from different professions and silently accept such assignments to make some quick money. When the mafia, using their methods, force the theives to pull out one last job inside a highly secured building, which is far too dangerous leave alone its sucess rate, these men decide to accept and execute the robbery with a plan to create a diversion - Code : 999.

    Triple 9 - Unlucky Streak

    These two heist thrillers look like extended Payday games, with awesome masks and weponary. Both the films are wonderfully written and directed. Even the drama steps in suspensefully and the relationship the charcters share are crisply elaborted. The movies have short and well shot action sequences, esp. Triple 9 has got couple of amazing shootouts. Of coarse the way they are filmed along with an intense musical score pumps the urge to follow the proceedings.
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    Department Q [Afdeling Q] Trilogy (2013-2014-2016)
    Language : Danish
    Country : Denmark

    Genre : Crime Drama

    Titles :

    Keepers of the Faith (2013)
    Danish Title : Kvinden i bure

    The Absent One (2014)
    Danish Title : Fasandræberne

    A Conspiracy of Faith (2016)
    Danish Title : Flaskepost fra P

    Detectives duo, Carl and Assad, are pushed to the record rooms under a new department called Q. Both of them are put behind the desk, where they are assigned to close unsolved cases, simply by producing few pages of report for each case, so that the law enforcement statistics could shoot itself favoring the administration. An extremely reticent man, Carl has to cope up with the soft spoken Assad. Together they pick a random case, and move in to solve it rather than just closing files with excuses, at the same time they are bound to respect the time allotted by their superior to handle the chosen case.

    In Keepers of Faith, the detectives got three days to find a missing person. Carl convinces Assad that the person who was reported to have committed suicide maybe still alive. They trace down the final hours of the victim, which gradually sucks them into a vacuum pressure transducer.

    The Absent One sends the detectives hunting for the murderer of twin teenagers, but to find the killer, they had to bury themselves in the past so deep that digging out becomes the major challenge than solving the mystery itself.

    A Conspiracy of Faith, is bit different from the other two parts of the series. Even though a crime is investigated, the characters are explored on the basis of their beliefs which in return orchestras the investigation of missing kids. The third in the Department Q series is more violent, so viewer discretion is advised [be informed that in all three films several close up on victim's photos flash regularly on screen, which are gruesome].

    Apart from the narrative, where the past and the present are collided effortlessly, the atmosphere under which the drama unfolds is original. The psycological point of view of the victims and the maelvolents are elaborated. The lighting effects are superb, and I am still wondering how they have shot the indoor/outdoor & night/day scenes by maintaining a steady luminosity on the picture. Of course, there are several metaphors, particularly potrayed by the characters themselves who deliver a meaning when they are spun together. Such is the story, brilliantly written for the screen, and directed with immense novelty.

    No, I have not read the novels, for that, never heard of them before. There are four more volumes in this Danish crime fiction written by Jussi Adler-Olsen ( I am planning to get the rest in the series on paperback.

    Department Q Trilogy - Dead have Rights
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    Skif (2018, Russian)
    Written & directed by Rustam Mosafir

    I very much looked forward for the russian film Legend of Kolovrat (2017), but it turned out to be another "300" like, with over the top effects that diluted the real heroism, I mean the barbaric sub-text these type of movies tried to carry with them.

    I was also expecting for Rustam Mosafir's Skif (working title in english "The Scythian" & European Blu-ray title "Rage"); finally, watched the movie this weekend. The film is wonderful, as I would ask for, with blood and gore forming the artistique backbone to the story. The narration was cool, with 2 principle characters trying to get along and other supporting characters playing along for them; and others with beasty masks and bizare face packs. The costumes and makeup were outstanding, ..., and last but not least, the action were realistic and original with some cool weapons that inflict bad cuts and smooth slices.

    If I am not wrong, the spl. effects were used only thrice, in three action/dramatic sequences, the rest were constructed with outstanding use of editing techniques. The heroism was well captured by the lead actors, esp. the final scenes is superb. Its amazing how close they have come to potray reality in an epic-fantasy film. I watch such films for their epic music too. Skif has some original celtic techno musical pieces.

    Viewers discretion is adviced. Available on VOD as well as on Blu-Ray in Europe (with French Subtitles). I have no idea about the rest of the world.

    Skif - Brutal
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