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Thread: Thamizh-maRai Thiruvaaymozhi - 38 (Sudhaama)

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    .All are WELCOME... to participate... and ENJOY this Rich- Feast. !

    .Please FEEL FREE to Express.... and Ask.

    ...On this Unique BROAD-MINDED Serial-Article ...highlighting on HUMAN-VALUES.!

    Dear Harishkumar and Others,

    Quote Originally Posted by harishkumar09
    Very interesting posts.

    But ever since I relocated myself to karnataka,the speed at which I read tamil script has come down considerably.I

    will go through this fully in leisure and share my opinions.But very good work Sudhaama.

    I realize your plight. Because I am well-used to it... by moving with such people also... especially by my residing at USA.

    So, You are not the only person here, in our Hub... possessing PARTIAL TAMIL-FONT Knowledge only...

    Indeed, such Persons exist even worse-placed in this respect similar to One of my Sons in law, plus Four of my Grand-children...

    ...who cannot read Tamil Font at all... but can only have Conversational Tamil Knowledge since they are entirely of different Brought-up and Educational Background.

    So to say, Born and Brought-up out of Tamilnadu-state or out of India Nation itself.... or have been educated radically in English only.... although Tamilians of Tamil as Mother-tongue.

    Hence You need not feel aloof... or FAR APART from other Hubbers here.

    I wish you and such others too.. FEEL FREE to participate here.... in the manner FEASIBLE TO YOU.

    I am prepared to HELP YOU, if so needed.

    Further, as I have already DETAILED...

    ...this The HUB mayyam Online. is our GLOBAL DEMOCRATIC DAIS...

    ....organised with the intended Motto... as INFORMATIVE, EDUCATIVE and ENTERTAINING too...

    .... and thus rendering the best opportunity... for Spending our PRECIOUS TIME... PURPOSEFULLY... .MEANINGFULLY and Maximum USEFULLY... Our Own Self-interests of MOSAIC Sorts... of MULTI-FACETED Needs and Varied Tastes.!

    So this Hub has provided us... Two Sorts of Platforms:--

    One is the PICNIC-FEAST... to widely cater our own preparations from different Homes.

    ....which is the FORUM SECTIONS here.

    ....for Friendly Discussions, Mutual-Exchange of Knowledge, Views and Opinions.

    Another Platform is the ONE HOST... HOME-MADE (Motherly) FEAST which is served by The Hub Administration

    ....AS THE HOST for ALL the Hubber Guests.

    .... for adding to our Valuable Knowledge, feeding to our Wisdom in Classical and Rich directions and dimensions..

    ...QUITE WORTHILY without giving room for indulging in any Clash of Personal- Opinions and Individual Views

    ....thus ensuring OUR PEACE OF MIND too... side by side for all of the Host and the Guests together.

    However keeping in mind, your another sort of parallel Feast-demand for Open- Discussions too.... on the same Topic...

    ...since some of you may be interested to put forth your knowledge and views too, alongside the AUTHOR-HUBBERS Confined discussions here....

    ...I have opened a SEPARATE THREAD under the Forum Platform too... with the same Title... under TAMIL LITERATURE Section.

    - Thamizh-Marhai Thiruvaaymozhi

    ...which you can feel free to make use of... in your own ways... for Mutual Exchange of Views and Knowledge.

    So, if any of you need for clarifications on this Article...

    ... please raise it here.. .under this Magazine Platform. intended for Confined Discussions....

    .... between the Relevent Hubber raising the Question and the AUTHOR only.

    Others can view and also raise further Doubts and Questions... WELCOME, Indeed...

    ...but without putting forth their Personal inferences.... or COMPETING or ARGUING with the Author.

    Rather the UNIQUENESS of the Magazine discussion platform here, is...

    ... that this is NOT MEANT for VIEWS OVER VIEWS... or Opinions and Counter-Opinions.... as is permissible under Forum platform.

    However, if You want to discuss also on this Topic... parallelly... by putting forth your PERSONAL VIEWS AND KNOWLEDGE...

    ....alongside Mutual-Exchange of Thoughts amongst several Hubber- Friends...

    ...please post it under the Forum-section in the relevent Thread, under the same Title.. above-quoted....

    ...and CONTINUE DISCUSSIONS there.. in a HEALTHY OUTLOOK. on the whole Serial Article... You all feel proper, in your varied individual appproach... but with the due FORUM SPIRIT.

    Welcome.!!! Best Wishes.!!!

    Sudhaama. (Author)

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