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Thread: Good kannada movies

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    Thanks Plum.She looked very familiar but could not place her.Your post refreshed my memory,connected to the telugu remake of KK.
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    Ulidavaru Kandanthe [2014 : Kannada : Drama (Suspense, Crime) : 2h30m]

    Written & Directed by Rakshit Shetty

    As seen by the rest - One incident, 6 narrators.

    An investigative reporter Regina sets out to find a solution to the mystery surrounding an incident that occurred during the festival night of Janmashtami in Malpe, a small seashore village. She interrogates six witnesses who have a potential connection with the incident. She develops her story behind the distubing incident after listening to the narrators:

    Raghu, who had fled Maple when he was a child, returns to take his mother Ratna along with him to Dubai. Shailesha, a cashew nut merchant receives Raghu and helps him to acquire the travel papers. Richi, the childhood friend of Raghu, is a local gangster working for Shankar Poojary, who is involved in commercial fishing. Munna, assisted by a kid named Democracy, is a boat mechanic who is love with a fish vendor Sharadha. Balu, a theatre artist, is the brother of Sharadha.

    Regina interviews Shailesha, Dinesha, Democracy, Balu, Shankar Poojary and a Priest to construct the chronology of occurrence that could permit her to decipher the cause that triggered the event. What she unearths is more confusing than the incident itself. She tries to string the events, but as she gets closer, she is gets pushed farther.

    Ulidavaru Kandanthe-the film spins a web around an incident, and once inside, it coils thicker and deeper in spirals. 'As seen by the rest' is a multi-perspective film (more complex than Iraivi, 2016 Tamil movie). The film is wonderfully written for the screen, captured, edited, decorated with music, sprinkled with cultural aspects (Hulivesha, Yakshagana and body art painting practised in Karnataka, a southern state of India) and finally topped with artistry. Hats off Rakshit Shetty.

    "Pulp Fiction" of India, Ulidavaru Kandanthe is a non-linear narrative with compound and composite structures within. The movie is assembled in such a way that any viewpoint on the filmwork is right; (fallacies cannot be ruled out though).

    Before positioning myself to explian my interpretation of Ulidavaru Kandanthe on what actually 'happened' inside the film, I would like to recommend the film to anyone interested in watching a good film. There is extreme usage of narcotics/alcohol, offensive language and violence, those which can be easily handled by adults.

    Click spoiler only after you have watched the film. Not that it reveals the twist (there is none anyway but the entire film is twisty), just that you will not follow what I have expressed.


    Rashomon Effect: The effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it.

    McGuffin: An object or device in a film or a book which serves merely as a trigger for the plot.

    Hulivesha: traditional tiger dance.

    Yakshagana: 'From dusk until dawn' theatre that combines music, dialogues, costumes, makeup and dance in a unique style.

    "As seen by the rest", assuming it refers to us, the audience, what did we see:

    Richi stabs a teen who was bullying Raghu. He lands up in prison, while Raghu escapes to Bombay. As adults, they both are into illegal business - Raghu cannot retire from the mafia, and Richi operates the dark side of the fishing business of Shankar Poojary.

    Raghu manages to abscond from Bombay collecting a red bag that he guards more than his life. The mafia follows him but he reaches Maple safely and assures his mother that he will take her with him to Dubai. He stays hidden in a farmhouse until he could fly safely to Dubai.

    Munna is a self-absorbed person and warns his assistant Democracy to stay away from Richi and his gang. His primary occupation is in marine mechanics, while he is also a body paint artist performing body art on the Hulivesha performers. He is in love with Sharadha and her brother Balu is aware of the interest shown by Munna towards his sister.

    Shankar Poojary asks Richi to rough up Balu for dishonesty. He also informs him that Raghu is back in town. Shankar Poojary employs Munna to repair one of his boats. During the brief union, Munna over hears the conversation between Richi and Shankar Poojary. He sets out in search of Balu to warn him about the immediate danger but could not find him.

    Richi collects Raghu from the farm house, kidnaps Balu and takes them both on a boat, the same boat that Shankar Poojary asked Munna to repair. Munna reaches the boat and sees blood on the deck. He assumes that Richi killed Balu. He goes to visit Sharadha, and gets dejected to see her sad. He sets to avenge Richi who was presently at Shankar Poojary's resident participating in Hulivesha. As he leaves Sharadha's place, Balu limps back home behind him. Richi had murdered Raghu on the boat, a retribution for fleeing away after the crime committed by Raghu during childhood. Richi sets free Balu, after asking Dinesha, his complice, to verify the red bag. Not being aware of this fact, Munna kills Richi. Dinesha kills Munna. Raghu's mother awaits his return to fly with him to Dubai not aware that her son is dead.

    Dinesha lands up in prison. He confesses that Richi did not kill his childhood friend Raghu.

    So, Dinesha's final statement stretches the confusion, and we, the audience, lay down along with dying Richi as confused as him who is thinking why Munna shot him.

    Firstly, the McGuffin should be keenly noted and a clear distinguish between which character is the Cuban kid and which character is the Mandwa kid should be done. Even the character behaviourism is based on this McGuffin – for instance relation between Munna and Richi.

    Here is the McGuffin for recollection:

    As the Cuban kid always says here we meet once again.

    There was this legend in remand room – Two guys one from Cuba and another from a village in Maharashtra – Mandwa , Antonio Montana and Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, both
    were in Juvenile Remand custody. Every time they came across, the Cuban kid used to comment in a language that the Mandwa kid never understood and mistook the comment as abhorrent. This continued for a while but one day Mandwa kid lost his temper caught hold of the Cuban kid, dropped him on the ground and started beating him on his nose black and blue – dan dan dan and broke his nose.

    Later when they both were reprimand by the Warden the Mandwa Kid came to know that the Cuban kid never abused him but he only wished him good morning and greetings in Spanish.

    Just think, how would the Cuban kid have felt when he was getting hit on the nose, dan dan dan, he didn’t even know the reason why the Mandwa kid was hitting him.

    Just think about his state of mind. What was going through it? Cuban kid must be so confuse?

    Aren’t you confused! Had this happen to you, would you have reacted differently?

    Either as a Cuban Kid or Vijay Dinanath Chauhan!

    Secondly, assuming that there is no lie told by the six narrators, but they did exaggerate and blew up the situation, how much truth is present in their side of story?

    This is where the multi-perspective angle crawls in.

    Before entering into what was said, what was seen and what was understood, let me break the characters involved in the narration and the characters who cross the narrative:

    Ragina (The Reporter): The qualifier of the investigation.

    The Six Narrators:

    Shailesha (The Merchant): The cashew nut merchant who tells that he helped Raghu.

    Dinesha (Partner One): who projects himself as the 1st associate of Richi.

    Democracy (The Kid): The kid who is seen with Munna.

    Balu (The Thief): The theatre artist and brother of Sharadha.

    Shankar Poojary (The Lord) : The businessman under whom most of the characters work.

    Priest (The Father) : Richi's guardian.

    The Six Characters:

    Munna (The Repairman) : Quite guy in love Sharadha.

    Richi (The Cool Dude) : The one who terrorises Maple.

    Raghu (The Scared Guy) : Richi's childhood friend.

    Sudhi (Partner Two) : The 2nd associate of Richi.

    Ratna (The Mother) : Raghu's mother.

    Sharada (The Lady Love) : Munna's love interest and Balu's sister.

    Thirdly (an important one), none of the informations shared by the narrators are verified or cross examined. They are completely taken at the face value. For ex: Shailesha talks about Ratna, but Ratna is never approached to verify the visit of Raghu. Democracy talks about Sharadha, but she is not interrogated to confirm that she was aware of Munna loves. Sudhi who supposedly dropped the body of Raghu from the boat is completely ignored from questioning. Finally, the myth that Balu tries to project as reality is never cross examined with the seven other sailors who were present with him when he fished out the treasure. So, whatever said during the interview is considered as the absolute truth.

    Time to apply Rashomon Effect!


    He is a money minded person (hint : when Ragina digs into her sac, he thinks she is going to offer him money). Throughout his narration, he does not fail to mention or talk about the involvement of money. He had been offered a lot of money by Raghu. Why would he talk ill about him?

    Shailesha tells only positive details about Raghu. Apart from what he says, we do not know who Raghu really is. Raghu is projected as a calm guy, sentimental and affectionate towards his mother. Ratna seems to be longing for her runaway son. She apparently had accepted his proposition. She asks Raghu to dine with her on the festival night. But Raghu never turned up.

    The absence of the version of Ratna does not permit us to validate everything told by Shailesha. Did Raghu really meet his mother ? Is Ratna out of her mind when she talks about her son to her co-worker ? [Ratna is a mirror image to Balu]. It is evident that Shailesha had exaggerated the relationship between Raghu and his mother.

    Truth: Raghu did make it back to Maple carrying a red bag and he was present during the festival night hidden inside a farm house.

    Dinesha :

    He seems to project himself as a cool accomplice, always present around Richi encouraging him and assisting him is almost every activity. He creates an image that he was always with Richi round the clock. He also seems not to worry too much about the private conversations between Shankar Poojary and Richi. He is one fully cooperative partner.

    He assists Richi to kidnap Balu. He accompanies Richi to meet Raghu. Most importantly, he is the one who carried the red bag. Also, he is the only person in Richi's gang who speaks to Munna.

    Dinesha confuses (apply the McGuffin) the investigation by stating that Richi did not kill Raghu on the boat, but never speaks about the red bag. We mentions that he was the one who carried it out of the farm house, and according to Balu, he is the third person who knew the contents of the red bag as he had opened it in the boat. But the whereabouts of the bag was never disclosed by Dinesha.

    Moreover, Sudhi was never contacted to backup Dinesha. Even Shankar Poojary nominates Sudhi instead of Dinesha to keep a watch on Richi. Dinesha is always seen as a driver doing nothing and it is Sudhi who does the dirty clean up after the mess created by Richi.

    Truth: Raghu's presence in the village with a red bag.


    The kid narrates the romance between Munna and Sharadha. He explains in details how Munna was deeply in love and the ways by which Sharadha reciprocated. Democracy is the only link between Munna and Richi. He is the only character who had spoken to all of them, each time engaging in a conversation understanding it in his own way. Each time, he seeks something from them. His basic nature is to fix what is broken in whatever means possible, a positive attitude, at the same time, bending the truth is worse than a lie, (Hint: He fixes his broken sandals). He is uneducated, and takes extreme decisions without any prior knowledge.

    ‘Democracy = Freedom Of Speech’. We know about Munna only through The Kid.

    Democracy cannot be trusted for more than one reason. Firstly he is not sure about anything. His obsession with sunglasses could have played a key role to narrate a positive version of Munna, as his boss allows him to wear a pair of sunglasses. Democracy is the shorter version of Shailesha, he had only good things to talk about and in several instances we see him taking money from everyone, including Regina. Just as the dead fish incident - where Democracy says he wants to grows it in the acqurium, and once he is pointed out that the fishes are dead, he does not seem to regret about the idea of growing the fish, but says, in that case he will cook it. Democracy never answered to the question, but is more keen in satisfying the questioner with his answer. Not the same truth!

    As Sharadha was never interviewed, Munna's love story cannot be validated.

    Truth: Munna was in love with Sharadha but he never expressed it to her (Hint: On the beach he sits far behind her).

    Priest: We do not know who Richi really is, except the crime he had committed during childhood (Hint: a photo taken by Regina during his escape attempt). He must be the guardian of Richi and not his biological father (Hint: Richi makes an exclamatory look when the Priest calls him His Son). No other witness confirms what the Priest stated about Richi. He could have projected only the efforts he had taken to support Richi in the name of 'The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit'.

    Truth: Richi is violent in nature. He asks questions after firing his pistol (Hint: Richi on the boat drinking beer). The Priest clearly seems to be worried about the danger Richi brings upon to himself.

    Shankar Poojary:

    The business man had many good things to speak about Richi. He trusted him and he was proud of Richi’s faithfulness. (Hint: One the aged man says, ‘Ask him to mow a
    garden, he will mow down a jungle
    ). He also accepts to have sent Richi to get Balu, but precises that it was not for money but for honor and honesty. He seems to be fond of culture, and it is here we see for the first time Yakshagana being performed (Yakshagana is an important McGuffin for Balu’s narration).

    What Shankar Poojary says cannot be fully accountable, as it is just an employer’s last words at the funeral of an employee. None of the others working for Shankar
    Poojary, notably the aged man who walks out to sleep during Yakshagana was consulted.

    Truth: Presence of Raghu in the town. Richi was sent to abduct Balu. Munna was sent to repair the boat.


    Until now, the narrative was non-linear, laying the dots making us feel happy to see that we had connected all the intersections of every narration. That was until Balu starts to narrate the events, which makes the proceedings complex, and after hearing his version, the we become the Cuban Kid.

    Balu actually retells the legend played by the Yakshagana theatre artist - the lost idols of Krisna and Balarama. He claims that he came into possession of the treasure and since then he is disturbed by a crow continuously. Once the treasure was taken to the buyer in Bombay it had gone missing. He confirms that Dinesha, who saw the content of the bag on the boat, was indeed the treasure that he had fished out.

    Balu then gives the twist that Richi killed Raghu.

    The whole part of the narration is imaginary, except the death of Raghu and the treasure contained in the red bag. Balu is a mad man, crawling in poverty. He is tired of his routines and seeks stupefiants to get himself sailed away. To avoid raising suspicion on how he came into possession of the treasure, he says that he had fished it out of the water. Just as it brought bad omen opon him, it killed Raghu, the last carrier of the cursed treasure.

    We get another confirmation that Munna was in love with Sharadha (Hint: An unsatisfied Balu asks Munna, "Are you fantasying about my sister before me.") It also points that even though Balu was aware he was not completely fine with the idea running inside Munna’s mind.

    Balu when interviewed was not in the possession of the bag, but still claims that the crow disturbs him. When he returns from the boat empty handed, he chases the crows away. The story is inside his head. Not that he was faking; he had actually crossed the line that separates reality and fantasy.

    Whether Balu found something during fishing cannot be confirmed as the other fishermen whom he claims to be with him when he found the treasure were not interrogated. His actions (Hint: He cries, “Everyone is watching him”, when there was no one around) proves he is insane.

    Ka: In ancient Egypt the supposed spiritual part of an individual human being or god, which survived with the soul after death and could reside in a statue of the person.

    B]Truth:[/B] Raghu being there in Maple and maybe on the boat with Richi. The treasure maybe a valuable statue. It had landed in Bombay black market, and Raghu was carrying it with him.

    The Conclusion

    Raghu was in Maple. He was on the boat with Richi. He had a red bag.

    Richi kidnapped Balu for Shankar Poojary. He brought him to the boat. He met with Raghu and got him along over the boat. Dinesha saw the contents of the bag.

    Munna was in love with Sharadha. He went to repair the boat where Balu was held captive by Richi. Seeing the blood, he assumes Richi killed Balu.

    Richi Killed Raghu. Munna Killed Richi. Dinesha Killed Munna.

    To see the picture clearly, we have to interpret what was said with what was seen :

    1/ Even though Dinesha was supportive, he did make a curious face when Shankar Poojary speaks privately to Richi. Sudhi also eyes Richi’s position, as there is a scene where he is seen wearing Richi’s belt and sunglasses. Both of them are greedy for money. Both sought higher pleasure: Dinesha refuses bedis and wished to smoke only cigarettes, while Sudhi wants to smoke cigars.

    Dinesha knew where Balu was even before asking Munna. Earlier, in the island, Dinesha walks asking for cigarettes and Balu is just in front of him. Later, it is Dinesha who identifies Balu even when he was behind a tiger mask. So, he could have noticed Balu stadning in front of him in the make up room. The joint that Dinesha brings to Richi is thrown away by Richi which Munna finds and smokes before reaching Richi. So Dinesha asking about Balu to Munna was merely to tigger something out of jealousy, the outcome he himself did not predict.

    2/ Richi is a smart. He analyses the situations rapidly. Also, he dances Hulivesha; we don’t know what else is stuffed in his capacity. When he meets Raghu, he asks him to get his bag. Raghu replies he has no bag on him. But Dinesha walks with the red bag from the adjacent room. Later, on the boat, Richi knew that Balu had stolen an object from Shankar Poojary. Balu is a theif. He stole a statue from Shankar Poojary who is engaged in idol smuggling, whom Richi assits. So Richi is well aware of it. While beating up Balu, Richi makes the connection: Raghu had not come to see his mother, but to do business with Balu. He predicts that the object must be in the red bag. But Raghu will not allow Richi to look into the bag, as he had gun just beside the telephone back in the farm house. The affair is quite a critical one. Not taking in that Raghu had intervened in his life for the second time, Richi shoot Raghu. Then, he straight away asks Dinesha to open the bag to confirm his prediction.

    3/ Munna did not have the guts to propose Sharadha. So he takes the other route to convince her brother Balu. When he heard that Richi was looking for Balu, he had searched for Balu to warn him and earn a good name. Later, when he saw Sharadha, he he feels hopeless as Richi had blocked the single path that Munna had to reach Sharadha. Unable to remove the thought from his mind he reaches the island and finds the joint on the sand. Munna goes insane smoking weed. His emotion multiplies and he kills Richi.

    4/ Munna picks the gun from Dinesha’s belt, as he was the one who was wearing Richi’s holster when Richi was performing Hulavesha. The probability is high that he simply ignored when Munna when he took the gun.

    5/ At the end, all the givers are dead, and we are left with the versions narrated by the takers - (Richi & Munna give money to Democracy; Raghu gives money to Shailesha), thus the ambiguity projected as a confusion.

    6/ Ratna becomes hysterical after Raghu left Maple. Shailesha takes it as an advantage and narrates the Mother-Son sentimental story. He says he went to Bombay to meet a cashew nut exporter. Actually he was there to sell the statue given to him by Balu. He tricked Balu (as Balu is insane and weak) saying that the satue went missing, as he had met Raghu and they planned to smuggle it to Dubai. Raghu may have wished to meet his mother, but before that could happen, Richi took him to the boat.


    When Dinehsa opened the bag and saw the valuable statue, he wanted to keep for himself. He was not aware that Munna would walk in and Kill Richi, but the incident favoured him. He and Sudhi were present when Richi killed Raghu. The expression in Sudhi’s face was like he was looking at his own future - Richi will shoot him down when the occassion arises. Richi is not just a gangster, but a demon. So he decides to help Dinesha.

    Dinesha never mentions about the red bag on the boat, but instead says that Richi did not kill Raghu. By this he bent truth that Raghu is still alive and had run away with
    the bag. He kills Munna to satisfy Shankar Poojary. He knew that now he would replace Richi and Shankar Poojary will take him out of the prison. Maybe, it was the festival night, crowded and Rishi was busy dancing and not yet mentioned about finding the statue back to Shankar Poojary. Thus, Dinesha safely pocketed the red bag along with its glittering content.

    Sudhi is the one who must be holding to the red bag.


    Shailesha is guity of the crime - assisting Balu to sell a stolen statue.

    Dinesha is guilty for murder, also, for ploting againt Rishi.

    Sudhi is guilty of siding Dinesha.

    All three are guilty of hiding the truth. Shankar Poojary / The Priest expressed what they knew. Democracy exaggerated. Balu delivered dilute truth strongly mixed with illusion. Ratna is hysterical since she lost her son; everyday she waits for him.

    Everyone is a Cuban Kid at a point in time. Raghu does not know why Richi shot him. Balu does not know (as he is insane), why Richi is beating him. Munna does not know why Balu is being kidnapped. Richi does not know why Munna killed him.

    Finally we do not know what actually happened during the festival night at Maple, apart from two murders (Richi & Munna) and one missing person (Raghu).

    Find Sudhi. Get the red bag. Case Closed!


    Ulidavaru Kandanthe - Inconsistent Facts
    Any information on how to screen Indian Movies outside India, please post them here :

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