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Thread: Add up (A. Thiagarajan)

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    Add up (A. Thiagarajan)

    Add up

    - A. Thiagarajan

    I am taking a break
    from the excel spreadsheet-
    Break for me is going
    to the Google-
    blogs and networking sites
    having been blocked anyway-
    log in to a site on health
    or some odd strange thing
    and from there
    aimlessly but merrily
    click on any access which appeals to me,
    like peeling onion…

    Just time pass really
    though I believe that I look for
    and get some information…
    nothing can be farther from truth-
    But truth it is
    since Kural says
    that even a lie is truth
    if it results in blemishless good-
    and good it is as it is
    a break and in that sense

    too long is never done
    and the company doesn’t like it
    more so my boss-
    in fact when I log in
    it is always a warning which pops up
    before I could go further
    and forces me to click yes-
    your accesses into the system
    and to the internet
    are subject to scrutiny
    and continuous monitoring by the company-
    one of these days we may have
    Bill Gate build in a camera and a recorder
    in the desktops…
    and you talk of PCs which can
    make out your moods and emotions…

    My boss will then know
    that as I work on excel,
    on the second or third slayer of my mind
    it is my son’s on coming marriage
    and my wife’s blood pressure
    which in the breaths I take
    between one row and another come to the forefront
    and go back
    giving way to mercy killing and death penalty
    as do the stock prices..

    What the hell are you doing
    in the Osteoporasis site
    asking, no shouting
    my boss enters-
    his way of taking
    a break, I guess

    Some figures do not add up
    in the excel received from HO
    I say….
    Some really
    don't add up
    Or down.

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