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Thread: Arundathi Roy

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    some wer on the 3rd planet from the sun ......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surya
    I hear that her book "God of little things." I think is good. But based on reading some of her other stuff, I'm not her biggest fan.

    u mean THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS ..i feel it s highly perverted book ...and it is really dumb coming from an indian lady ....

    i ve read other books of that range of pervertedness..but .....i dunt knw y..

    u see...coz this book ..has ntn but the romance and nonsense ...other books .. talk abt teh romance part of it between once in a while of the main story ....

    hmm .....i dunno ..i dint like this book ..for some reason

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    let's discuss about arundhati's latest creation - the algebra of infinite justice. its a compilation of 8 essays penned by arundhati over a period of time.

    1. the end of imagination

    2. the greater common good

    3. power politics

    4. the ladies have feelings,so..

    5.the algebra of infinite justice

    6.war is peace


    8. war talk

    ( Penguin publication
    India Rs 225)

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    "Estha, Rahel now speak Malayalam"

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    "Estha, Rahel now speak Malayalam"

    Many translations

    There have been translations in several languages, including Estonian. “But no other translation is as important to me as this.” For, it is the language of Estha, Rahel, Ammu and Velutha, the novel's central characters.

    The novel get its Malayalam translation, ‘ Kunju kaaryangalude odaya thampuran,' by short-story writer A.S. Priya, 15 years after it was first published. In a question-and-answer session between the author and the translator at the book release ceremony, Ms. Roy recounted her feelings about the novel.*

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