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Thread: Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan (Part 3)

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    Re: Oru raja raniyidam ( Sivandha mann )

    First tamil movie to be shot outside India was Navayugam-could be remake or dubbing movie

    Quote Originally Posted by Nakeeran
    Watch the lovely song ORU RAJA RANIYIDAM fm Sivandha mann :

    I think , in tamil cinema, this is the first movie to have been picturised overseas ?? Seniors pls clarify .

    Looks like shots were taken in Germany, Swiss & many european locations !

    NT looking absolutely majestic & youthful

    while kanchana is gorgeous as ever !

    The song is a splendid work by Mellisai Mannar !

    3 different charanams

    diferent interludes

    one of the lengthiest song in tfm

    TMS-PS ever cheerful singers

    The best part of the song IMO is when TMS sings Alps malayin etc when there is a splendid chorus from behind !

    Lovely picturisation ! Thats Sridhar the great creative director !
    Vazga Sivaji pugaz

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    Rajnikanth has been a sincere fan of NT always and here he made it clear that "Sivaji -is name of the film"

    Earlier film Chandramuki, he pays tribute to NT's photo when he visits Prabu's house.

    I feel he is the first one to do so among the current actors.

    Quote Originally Posted by groucho070
    Interesting info for NT fans who don't watch new films. I don't either, with exception of Rajini/Kamal.

    In Sivaji (the film) we get three mention of NT:

    1. When Rajini introduces his name as "Parasakti Hero".
    2. When Rajini appears as NT for the song Mayakkem Enna. Of three (MGR, NT and Kamal) his NT interpretation was spot-on. Natural for a sishyar.
    3. When mimic artistes are recruited to do Sivaji's (Rajini) voice. Sinni Jeyanth does NT instead (the scene I laughed the hardest) and the cops shows NT pix and says, "Intha Sivaji illa" and shows the film Sivaji.

    Joe, did I miss anything?
    Vazga Sivaji pugaz

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    Quote Originally Posted by sankara1970
    Earlier film Chandramuki, he pays tribute to NT's photo when he visits Prabu's house.
    It is the movie by Shivaji Productions.

    If Rajini did that in his other movies, or in his (Rajini's) own productions, then it is appreciable.

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    Malarndhu malaradha padhi malar pola ( Paasa malar )

    Many movies with core theme BROTHER-SISTER relationship / fondness have come before and after this .

    But till date ( or probably it will never be ) the portrayal of 2 of the greatest stars of tamil cinema in PASA MALAR can never be surpassed IMHO.

    Part of the evergreen , famous PAA series which in my opinion, the 1960s is the best period of Nadigar Thilagam and tamil cinema itself

    It’s a magnificent presentation of blood relationship between a brother and sister who gives his heart and soul for the sake his sister’s welfare which is reciprocated equally well by the sister as both die at the end .

    The movie is full of emotions and enmity .

    From an ordinary down to earth clay doll maker to soon rise to the level of a big business man due to hard work , Shivaji , who is too fond of his sister Savithri, comes to know that she is in love with Gemini Ganesan. GG actually is his close friend and also fellow comrade in his earlier factory where both worked together. Though NT didn’t like this development, on realizing the true respect Savithri had on him, yields to the proposal and makes them marry. NT also makes GG his business partner in the process.
    Nadigar thilagam also marries MN Rajam who is actually indifferent .

    The organized villain/villie group of GG’s mother and his brother in law successfully plot a split in their relationship / friendship that NT gives away all his wealth in favour of GG and moves away , cutting off his contacts with even Savithri. The movie also shows NT having a baby boy and Savithri , a kid girl.

    But the blood brother-sister affection and bondage remains intact despite the separation. The great Director Bhim singh uses this situation of the movie to insert a song which in my opinion is one of the very best of THALLATTU songs in tamil cinema.


    The wonderful song is beautifully used with Savithri starting off with lyrics :

    மலர்ந்தும் மலராத பாதி மலர் போல
    மலரும் விழிவண்ணமே - வந்து
    விடிந்தும் விடியாத காலைப் பொழுதாக
    விடிந்த கலையன்னமே
    நதியில் விளையாடி கொடியில் தலைசிவி
    நடந்த இளம் தென்றலே - வளர்
    பொதிகை மலை தோன்றி மதுரை நகர் கண்டு
    பொலிந்த தமிழ் மன்றமே

    Standing before a portrait of Nadigar thilagam, she first starts singing in praise of the kid .

    And the next shot swiftly moves towards Nadigar thilagam who holds his son on hand and repeats the same words.

    Sensing the situation, the magnificent due MSV – TKR use lullabies as the ludes . And they are mild, calm, quiet and comforting as if the sound is needed to make the kids sleep !!

    As the song moves to first charanam, Shivaji continues but this time touches the old tradition of blood relationships extending their ties to their next generation . Brother’s son/daughter getting married to sister’s was a pattern those days & Kavignar beautifully covers this aspect through a mind blowing lyric :

    யானைப் படை கொண்டு சேனை பல வென்று
    வாழப் பிறந்தாயடா புவியாலப் பிறந்தாயடா
    அத்தை மகளை மணம் கொண்டு இளமை வழி கண்டு
    வாழப் பிறந்தாயடா வாழப் பிறந்தாயடா
    அத்தை மகளை மணம் கொண்டு இளமை வழி கண்டு...
    அத்தை மகளை மணம் கொண்டு இளமை வழி கண்டு
    வாழப் பிறந்தாயடா

    But as he approaches the final sentence, he realizes the vertical split in the relationship and repents heavily by repeating the same words ! Vow !! wonderful presentation by TMS ! He always sang from the bottom of the heart for NT and this song is a classic example to show this great man's total commitment to a song . TMS once mentioned that he never sang just only for money but for the art of music !!

    TMS virtually weeps while completing his part.

    As if to reciprocate her love and affection towards her brother, Savithri this time continues with same flow on the proposal :

    தங்கக் கடியாரம் வைர மணியாரம்
    தந்து மணம் பேசுவார்.... பொருள் தந்து மணம் பேசுவார்
    மாமன் தங்கை மகளான மங்கை உனக்காக
    உலகை விலை பேசுவார் உலகை விலை பேசுவார்

    P.Susheela virtually breathes like Savithri now ….just listen when she sings …… mangai unakaaga….. Ulagai vilai pesuvaar…

    மாமன் தங்கை மகளான மங்கை உனக்காக...
    மாமன் தங்கை மகளான மங்கை உனக்காக
    உலகை விலை பேசுவார்

    P.Susheela herself will weep to give a precise impact to the plight of Nadigayar thilagam Savithri whose face will show a dramatic change & she will weep , deeply missing her dear brother …..

    Now Savithri recollects with immense pain on what sequence of events that lead to the split in the relationship :

    சிறகில் எனை மூடி அருமை மகள் போல
    வளர்த்த கதை சொல்லவா
    கனவில் நினையாத காலம் இடை வந்து
    பிரித்த கதை சொல்லவா...
    பிரித்த கதை சொல்லவா

    Nadigar thilagam ends the song by the words :

    கண்ணில் மணி போல மணியில் நிழல் போல
    கலந்து பிறந்தோமடா - இந்த
    மண்ணும் கடல் வானும் மறைந்து முடிந்தாலும்
    மறக்க முடியாதடா உறவைப் பிரிக்கமுடியாதடா

    Lying flat on the floor, with a pinch of frustration but hope and optimism , he completes the song…..

    Finally, both sign off with :

    ம்ம்ம்ம் ம்ம் ஹ்ம்ம்ம்
    அன்பே ஆரிராராரொ ஆரிராராரொ ஆரிராராரிரொ
    அன்பே ஆரிராராரொ ஆரிராராரொ ஆரிராராரிரொ

    Kavignar Kannadasan rules supreme with splendid lyrics & shows how much he had read the situation clearly by covering the finer aspects of brother-sister relationship and assures that this bondage can never be separated………

    TMS and PS once again have shown their class … Amazing voice modulation

    Normally for a thaalaattu song, a composer could have easily applied a Nilambari to close out but the situation is sorrowful / pathos oriented that the duo came up with extraordinary tune and very gentle orchestration ….this again shows their presence of mind and great ability to stand up to the mood of the song ! MSV himself said once that ..the bhavam of the lyrics will have to be presented in a musical format. This might result in raga or not but what matters is the tune should reach an ordinary music follower !! Great vision …

    Once again, the duo have down played their rich orchestration by being very low key but gave an emotional performance !!

    This movie is one of the classics of tamil cinema ….

    Magnificent portrayal by Shivaji and Savithri ….

    Subtle but very impressive show by GG as usual …

    Wonderful music by the magnificent duo – MSV-TKR with class songs

    Pasa malar movie .......continues

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    Paasa malar - the movie


    A.Nadigar Thilagam overhearing a dialogue exchange between the lovers GG & Savithri. Instantly, he gets very upset that he takes out his pistol to fire at GG but becomes curious to know what Savithri has to say. While GG wants to marry Savithri at any cost, even says some strong words about NT’s indifferent attitude and persuades her to come out from NT. Savithri, in a resounding manner rebuts GG by saying how special is her sister-brother relationship with NT & even love is secondary to her when GG or NT comes before her ! On hearing such words, NT involuntarily / spontaneously will wipe out the tears in his eyes through the pistol itself !

    B. NT after becoming a rich business man, undergoes a diametrical change in his attitude in such a way that he exhibits his Bossism at large , especially on his old friend but partner now GG ! This irks GG to such an extent that both get into verbal exchanges quite frequently. One such situation arises when GG had to fight for the rights of some affected workers while NT will be very casually sitting on his chair & with a stamp of arrogance, he will counter all the posers of GG . This scene is a bit lengthy but its needed to show the emerging animosity & rivalry between 2 good friends once but now turning bitter enemies. The style of NT casually but arrogantly cutting a pencil while responding to all the questions of GG is something special to watch !

    C. The song Malarndhu malaradha ….itself is a wonderful scene by itself which was very much essential to show that the fondness between the blood relations didn’t cease or diminish 1%

    D. The climax, when NT remembers his old days when he used to sing Kaiveesamma kaiveesu ! I believe, in the 60s and 70s, the whole theatre will weep on seeing the plight of the 2 greatest stars of tamil cinema . Holding her on his lap, both will die unable to see the condition of each & this is the best possible end to this emotional story .


    NT has a very interesting makeup . Once he becomes a businessman, the eyebrows are being shown much thicker !

    During that song Malargalaipol thangai urangugiraal , he wears a Barathidasan style attire & with spectacles !

    There is a distinctive difference in the body language of that innocent old NT to a rich businessman. While the previous guy is all humble & simple……the second character is all majestic, proud, arrogant.

    But the rich man traits all disappear once Savithri moves away from him & so also his wife M.N.Rajam. He displays the mood of a deserted guy who now has no mission to complete . With no ambition or desire to live, he runs it mechanically until the climax.


    Engallukkum kalam varum :
    The song used when NT was a clay doll maker & a poor guy. Kavignar speaks heavy socialism through this song

    Malargalai pol thangai urangugiraal :
    An affectionate brother’s dream on how his sister’s future should be and what kind of continuing relationship he expects. U will see the fondness in NT's every frame !

    Paatondru ketten ----Pavayin mugathai parthar oruvar :
    Needed to introduce M.N.Rajam & build wrapport with NT . Watch the style of NT while playing the piano ! He had displayed an uniqueness while playing this instrument ! Many such movies like Pudhiyaparavai, Enga Mama etc

    Yaar yaar yaar avar yaaro :
    For the evergreen pair GG-Savithri soon as they concur with each other . Beautiful song by PBS and PS

    Varaayo thozi varaayo :
    Savithri’s wedding covered through this song . A wonderful rendition by L.R.Ishwari . The shot of NT crossing the manapandhal wiping his tears casually is terrific !

    Mayangugiraal oru maadhu :
    First night for NT . While Savithri sings this eternal beauty & sitar being played by GG, some nice facial reactions , class personified by NT. Midway, he will turn the photo of Savithri back !

    Malarndhu malaradha padhi malar pola :
    Later in the movie after the brother sister are separated

    This movie became an inspiration for many movies to adopt the core theme . Movies like Annan oru kovil , Kizakku seemayile ………….. to today’s Vijay’s Thirupaachi , the brother-sister based story always proved to be a resounding success !

    The original movie released in 1961………. Annan oru kovil released in the later 70s …. As I mentioned earlier, nothing to beat the original movie…… Even NT himself could not repeat the same magic though the movie ran very well ! One reason could be that there has to be Nadigayar thilagam Savithri so that he would have given an inspired performance .

    A word about Savithri ……… Noone could have performed a role like this with high level of intensity like her… Amazing portrayal …. Level headed while interacting with GG but full of affection personified whenever she sees NT ! Richly deserved the name Nadigayar thilagam . I believe after some of shooting of some scenes with NT , she will be so upset & involved with the flow of the movie that nobody will dare to go before her ! The best scene for Savithri IMHO is probably the one when she speaks volumes about her brother to GG when NT was observing both . The conviction she shows about her brother speaks volumes . A single shot is enough to describe her greatness . Amazing actress. There will be marked innocence in the earlier stages but the body language will change after they become rich…. It will be that of a graceful woman with that class of a high society brought up !

    Also about GG , he is another great performer . I always feel that he does his part very casually & in a light hearted way but in a terrific manner ! The argument scene between GG and NT is one such where he is exceptionally aggressive !
    The scenes with Savithri shows why he is Kadhal mannan !

    Bhimsingh’s name will feature forever in the history of tamil cinema for the famous Paa series.

    This movie is still be referred as a benchmark for brother-sister relationships

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    What an analysis of Great Paasamalar hats off
    பாசமலருக்கு அழாதவன் மனுஷனாடே ! - சுயம்புலிங்கம்

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    Dear Balaji,

    What a comeback! I know what you are capable of and so my adjectives will sound like cliche. Hope you don't go on a hibernation again. I agree with your earlier post about Joe. Though again I don't want to sound cliche, Joe deserves all the compliments.


    Naan Indha Vaakeduppai purakanikiren. Endha ondru-kku vaakalithalum adhu nyayamanadhaga irukka mudiyathu enbadhal indha mudivu.

    BTW, the rate at which this thread is going I feel we will be hitting the Part 4 soon. Good going.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Murali Srinivas
    Naan Indha Vaakeduppai purakanikiren. Endha ondru-kku vaakalithalum adhu nyayamanadhaga irukka mudiyathu enbadhal indha mudivu.
    Unmai thaan.
    பாசமலருக்கு அழாதவன் மனுஷனாடே ! - சுயம்புலிங்கம்

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    மரணம் நடிப்பாக மாறக் கூடாதா?
    பாசமலருக்கு அழாதவன் மனுஷனாடே ! - சுயம்புலிங்கம்

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    This poll was very unsatisfactory.



    I voted for VERSATALITY

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