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Thread: Advice needed again, people!!!!!!!!!

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    Advice needed again, people!!!!!!!!!

    "The best form is no form." - Bruce Lee

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    I am sorry to say that your friend has'nt got much of a chance! it is a losing battle!

    Long distance relationships don't work.

    Everything is in the girl's hands, but 99% of the girls won't attempt to fight their parents in this situation.

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    Have to agree with KBX.

    Your friend will go on a vacation atleast once before he finishes his degree. Thats the LAST chance, i would say provided the girl waits for him till that day. He should go talk with the girl's parents and to try convince them. Even thats a remote possibilty, unfortunately

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    Agree with KBX and Nerd
    Anbe Sivam

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    Talk to the parents (her father esp) STRAIGHT AWAY.

    Confront him, tell him the situation. PERSUADE HIm.

    thats the only chance.

    Else, she may lose herself to parent's pressure.

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    Bipolar : 18 months is a pretty long time to wait, atleast for the girl's parents. Your friend must visit India at the earliest to meet the girl's parents and convince them that, he truly cares for their daughter and he will get a good job after graduation. And also request them that, a formal Engagement can be done (with the boy's parents attending), so that the girl's parents are reassured that he will not leave their daughter for someone else before the wedding.

    If they are of different castes / religions, then your friend can try to convince her parents that, these days intercaste marriages are very common in India, including the South. He must also point out that, if they get her married to someone else, that marriage may not work because she may not be able to forget your friend. Its better that your friend must first tell everything to his parents and get their support for this love marriage. It will prevent unnecessary problems in future from their side.

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    Idea! Can he get his parents to talk to her parents? In that case the matters will be more official!

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