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    He wasa man with charisma and still the puratchi thalaivar for thepeople..

    He's the one who had always made sure to convey the message of the people for the people ..

    long live his memory..

    since nov,tmflover have already given the lists
    let me quote only one song..

    öru thavaru seidhal adhai therindhu seidhal avan devan endraalum vida maaten"

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    He is an incomparable legend.

    Irundhalum maraindhalum per solla vendum
    Ivar pola yaar endru oor solla vendum

    Mapurm sabaigalil nee nadandhaal unakku malaigal viza vendum

    Oru maasu kuraiyadha mannavan ivan endru potri pugaza vendum !

    Maddy, MGR is always called as the king of box office. Even today, his movies can do well !

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    Thoongadhey thambi thoongadhey ( Nadodi Mannan )

    When Veerangan ( Nadodee) gets imprisoned along with many other revolutionaries under the pretext that they are inciting a anti kingdom violence, he is put inside a cell Much to his surprise he sees the cell incharge in deep sleep. So what does he do then ?

    He teases the warden incharge with arguably the best meaningful song of the 20th century in tfm. THOONGADHEY THAMBI THOONGADHEY .SOMBERI ENDRA PEYAR VAANGADHEY ( I don’t think such type of a song will appear again )

    This 1958 release super hit NADODI MANNAN was Puratchi Thalaivar’s first home production which turned the face of tamil cinema industry and which gave a strong foundation for him to soon emerge as first super star of tamil cinema
    Whats so special in this song ?
    •Nalla pozudhai ellam thoongi keduthavargal naatai keduthadhudan thaanum ketaar
    •Silar allum pagalum verum kallai irundhuvittu , adhirshtam illai endru alatti kondaar
    •Vizithu kondor ellam pizaithu kondaar
    •Unpol , kuratai vittor ellam , kotai vitaar !!

    The song doesn’t end so easily here. More and more striking messages on why and how a person loses in his life :
    •Por padai dhanil thoongiyavan VETRI IZANDHAAN
    •Uyar pallaiyil thoongiyavan KALVI IZANDHAAN
    •Kadaidhanil thoongiyavan MUDHAL IZANDHAAN
    •Konda kadamayil thoongiyavan PUGAZ IZANDHAAN
    •Sila porupulla manidharin thookathinaal PALA PONNANA VELLAIELLAM THOONGUDHAPAA

    The golden voice of TMS , the cheerful and majestic / handsome MGR , the simple but captivating tune and above all the splendid , mindblowing lyrics – all combined has made this song , ever memorable

    This song is household now as anyone who is seen sleeping will be questioned by this only !

    IMHO, this song should feature in school books . Penned by the immortal Pattukotai Kalyanasundaram for a situation inside the prison. As there is a big pipe which runs through the entire length of the prison cell and a small hole is being made to allow air, another revolutionary group member Banumathy listens to the song evey inch and appreciates the contents .as the camera moves back and forth between MGR , the prison guards and Banumathy’s cell which is in upper floor.

    What happens at the end is all we are familiar with to a typical MGR song – Yes, all the guards dance to the song as MGR makes them dance to his tune and it ends on a happy note !

    It’s a simple but nice picturisation of one of the evergreen songs of TFM. Makkal Thilagam uses a small plate to put thalam while singing with his customary charming smile and with a small beard ( to differentiate ).

    There is another story also behind the song – Kavignar Kannadasan who was originally supposed to write songs didn’t turn up for a reasonable period. An impatient MGR ( after all own production no ? and having given all his property as a security to obtain funding ) had to call up Pattukotai KS to write a song to be conscious of the importance of time so that Kavignar will get a sound lesson of his life. But Kavignar enjoyed the song more( having taken it sportingly ) and had proudly told everyone that this was the only song which was written about him !!

    Guru of Mellisai Mannar MSV,the veteran composer S.M.Subbaiah Nayudu was the MD for this top class movie . SMS was one of those who shared a good wrapport with MGR and its no wonder that he called him for his first own movie.

    This movie has some nice songs and another one which I like is KANNIL VANDHU MINNAL POL – for MGR and the second heroene Saroja Devi., written by the late Suradha Yeah, the Banumathy character gets extinguished to accommodate the new star .

    It is said , MGR nurtured tall plans on making this movie for long but had to wait for the ideal time to start. He considered this movie so special and decisivie in his cine career that he stopped to work in other films and dedicated his entire loyalists as well his hard earned money to create this movie. He was very particular and very focussed on his make up as he has to do the two key roles- that of Nadodee and Mannan , the heroine Banumathy didn’t have the patience to wait for longer duration . This resulted in a misunderstanding & consequently MGR had no option but to kill the first pair and also change the story to entertain another heroene character and that’s how Sarojadevi stepped in as a princess .

    However, Minimum Guarantee Ramachandran ( MGR ) and Banumathy had acted together for few more movies and the misunderstanding soon faded . It was the Chief Minister MGR who also made her the chief of music college run by the state govt during the mid 80s.

    This movie had another interesting feature-The second half ,all colour !

    Continued ..................

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    Nadodi Mannan - story

    The story of Nadodi Mannan :

    The story is very complex

    The kid princess of the kingdom of Rathnapuri ( Sarojadevi ) gets kidnapped by the chief guru ( Veerappa ) who brings her up in an island with a vested interest only to marry her and rule the kingdom later when the king dies.
    When the old king dies, 2 persons were shortlisted for the pivotal position – Pingalan ( Nambiar ) and Marthandan ( MGR 1 ) .Though Veerappa prefers Nambiar , as the public and generals support Marthandan, he gets selected as a king and the coronation date also gets fixed.

    The intermediary period between the death of king and Marthandan’s takeover sees anarchy and misrule which results in many rebel groups rising in revolt against the leaderless rule and the vivasayee turned warrior Veerangan ( MGR 2 ) and Banumathy were one such belonging to different groups.

    Both get imprisoned while revolting and after hearing this epic song Thoongadhey thambi , they happen to meet eye to eye. As their main mission will be the same, their hearts also converge and result in love .

    Banumathy’s father was an old guard of the dead king and a well wisher to the dynasty. Like what happens even today, on any good occasion, some prisoners of good conduct get released and thus Veerangan and Banumathy come out but due to the similarity between the 2, Veerangan gets mistaken as Marthandan and now arises the confusion.

    Before the mudi sootu vizaa , Veerappa , by all ways and means separates Marthandan from his wife and takes him as captive and puts him in an unknown place and also asks Veerangan to help him as a dummy king for sometime while parallely organising for poisoning Marthandan.

    One rebel group mistakes Veerangan as the new king and tries to kill him.but he wins the fight and it so happened that he meets Marthandan.who comes to know about the problems of the countrymen in their day to day life and the poverty that pervades around . The king designate Marthandan assures Veenrangan that he will solve the problems of poor after he gets sworn in. On that night during the dinner the poisoned drink makes Marthandan unconscious. The news reaches Veerappa who tries to make Pingalan as the King.

    The maruthuvar advices about the condition of the King, that he will be alright but will remain unconscious for 2 or 3 days due to the effect of the poison. One commander convinces Veerangan to act as the King only for a day.( Now you all will realize how that one day CM concept was used by Shankar in Mudhalvan )

    Veerangan accepts and rushes to the coronation ceremony. And in right time takes the crown in his own inimitable manner. Veerappa could not believe his eyes,that Marthandan is alive some thing should have happened. He sends his henchmen to confrim the facts and realizes that Marthandan indeed was alive and sends him to the same theevu where Sarojadevi is being brought up.

    After the ceremony, the Commander comes to know the drama of the Chief Priest and again convinces Veerangan to continue as the King. Though Veerangan is not a power monger ( Avar makkal thalaivar allavaa !! ) he accedes to be the caretaker king and comes out with many PURATCHIGARAMANA KOLGAIGAL that will change the condition of the ezaigal and pirpaduthapattorgal. However, the richer community will be totally against the new codes .

    Banumathy makes Veerangan meet her father who narrates the whole background of the princess and the kingdom. And what kind of a person Veerappa is.

    While Veerangan fights Pingalan and captures him, his lover Banumathy gets killed by Pingalan’s men.

    Now comes the defining moment of the movie – The Rajaguru Veerappa removes all his vesham and reveals his true colour ! Yes, he announces proudly that his original objective is to marry Sarojadevi and become the king which stuns Nambiar who realizes now that Veerappa actually had double crossed him. So he waits for his moment to take revenge on Veerappa.

    Same time Veerangan reaches the Island, and accidentally steps into the place where Saroja Devi lives and narrates about her true identity and requests her to assist him in finding Marthandan. SD also helps him . In the process, she also gets fascinated by Veerangan.

    Now from the captivity, Marthandan also tries to escape but gets hurt while swimming away from the island. . However, saves the King from drowning. And both of them unite to save the Princess and fights to finish of the crooked plans of Veerappa and also finally reach the kingdom. Marthandan finally takes over the kingdom and assures everyone that he will restore democracy and will be the leader of the masses and will do good to the poor.

    to continue....................

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    The making of Nadodi Mannan

    Makkal thilagam , as always his wont, successfully displays the distinction between the 2 characters – for instance, the king Marthandan will always follow the 2 fingers twitching the nose as his mannerism Besides, Marthandan will use nice lavish costumes and will always carry a cheerful and charming smile, and friendly type. The Veerangan, as the name says, shows his class by being very aggressive in dialogue delivery and peerless in fights.

    Kavignar Kannadasan plays a remarkable part in the dialogues and lyrics. To quote a few example :
    •when Veerangan ( when he acts as makeshift king ) gets pushed by Commanders to use his authority as a king, he vehemently and characteristically reacts by saying –“Neengal aranmaniyilirundhu makkalai paarkireergal- You are looking the People from the Palace, I am watching the Palace with the People
    •Another shot which follows the above dialogue when he was again questioned that he is not aware of the authority of the Kings,( as he is a Nadodee ) he says , “Ennudaya ippodhaya thotram, ennudaya manasatchiyai matradhu- My appearance has changed but not my conscience, I am quite aware that I am not a true King, I am not going to administer for centuries , but in this short tenure I have to do more good for the Poor

    As a producer / maker , he exactly knew how to create awesome sets for the Mudisoottu vizaa The same MGR also used table shots for the island. The sum he had spent for the sets, costumes and meal for the crew , I understand would have costed another movie !

    His elder brother Chakrabani was so frustrated once that when the crew members requested him suddenly for buying a big rope, Chakrabani yelled at them ENNA ELLARUM THOOKU POTTUKITTU SAAGA POROMAA ?? Such was the kind of money flown for the making of the movie.

    I have watched this movie several times but still continue to wonder the technical expertise of MGR in making this movie and the punch dialogues that he uses at regular intervals and the visionary approach to capturing the power later. There is another song between MGR and Banumathy – Nadu nalam perum thittam ….which dwelves at length about what he intends to do to poor people and the masses if he takes charge .

    I also remember watching one programme wherein Chakrabani said that finally when the movie got released in Mount Road area, the swelling crowds that gathered beyond the theatres and the uncontrollable long queues in Chennai made them do a NIMMADHI PERUMOOCHU.

    Actually ,MGR went to several top directors then but they all suggested him to do direction also as he was very much capable of doing that .

    I have seen the audience those days were so involved with the movie that they used to applaud the introduction of both the MGRs , as if another new hero being introduced !

    And the movie was not short of some emotional scenes for the fans – one was that when the wife of Marthandan realizes that MGR 2 is not her hubby, he throws a question - Sagodharee, ennai neengal nambugireergalaa ?
    For which the queen will say :
    Naan mattum illai, indha naade ungalai nambugiradhu !!

    Needless to say, such dialogues bring raptures amongst the fans.

    And what happened is history . One of the most successful movies of Makkal thilagam. I am not really stunned to hear that the same movie grossed huge collections when it was re-released recently and earned huge collections !!

    A highly entertaining movie with all the basic successful elements – thrill, nice songs, short but striking dialogues, nice picturisation, costumes, tireless screenplay etc

    Makkal Thilagam MGR endrendum Mannan dhaan

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    S.Balaji sir

    Very good analysis about 'Nadodi Mannan' film. We enjoyed it much.

    It will never bore, even we watch it in repeated times.

    Several times it was re-released and created record everytime.

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    The Legend Called MGR

    Very few individuals have become legends in their own lifetime. Among them, Bharath Ratna Dr. MG Ramachandran or MGR, as he is popularly known, occupies a prominent position.

    His charisma still holds a magical sway among millions.

    Indiaglitz salutes the magnetic personality that he was and continues to be, even many years after his death.

    On his death anniversary, indiaglitz pays homage to this great legend with a visit to his residence at Ramavaram and his memorial at Marina.
    Ponnu Vellai tholah? illai Karuppu tholah?
    RE: Aennn.. Puli tholu..

    Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. Never use jargon words like reconceptualize, demassification, attitudinally, judgmentally. They are hallmarks of a pretentious ass. - David Ogilvy

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    Superb coverage of Thoongadhey song and the movie Mr. S.Balaji !
    Vivid description of the song and the mind blowing messages for all ages.
    TTT is my alltime favourite song & thanks for posting it at the best occasion here !

    One of my ever favourite MGR movies

    Evvalavu murai parthalum aluppey varadha oru padam.

    Amazing that this movie is still filling up coffers today !

    Please cover more such class movies of MGR

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    Androru naalile nilavil ( Nadodi )

    A year end song to ease ourselves and cool down after a hectic 2006

    I will not be overstating if I say that this song is poetic ! Lovely lyrics. Nice tune and harmonium interludes. Being played by MGR and Sarojadevi in streets when they go in pursuit of money to conduct eye operation for her.

    Listen :

    From the words of Makkal thilagam


    Lets look forward to a much more brighter year 2007

    Happy new year to everyone

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    Puthiya Vaanam Puthiya Bhoomi - ANBE VAA

    A wealthy man taking a break from his dull frenetic life , getaway to his country cottage Simla bungalow
    seeking rest and peace
    his arrival in simlaa !
    a picture beauty with it's purest state as he gazes with heartfelt wonder
    with natures divine sight can expand way beyond our normal
    it is our miracle-worker , our best friend , the infinite beauty capturing , enthralling
    holding him in it’s grasp until his heart is full to bursting with the sight with those falling snows
    beautifying them self for the special day to make him feel the acceptance ,
    flurries transfixed enough to be colorful allowing them self a little treat of manifest while
    carpeting his arrival
    he cheer raise arms for breath of fresh air
    senses freshened spirit renewed
    how enchanting ! making him sing like a bird released , hopped up
    wild blue yonder wonderland
    day spring waking him to come alive
    morning dawn its a good start
    new sky new dawn new glorious sun greeting the mountains
    the cooling touch of the air envisioning how ancestor's came
    with flying colors
    if all above not enough to blow away his cobwebs
    here comes scores of kids babbling to give hope
    assuring good will flourish
    the people , fairness the equity concerted minds reaching peak like those mountains they explain
    doctrine in life , amidst the simple beauty of nature seek love and worship nature

    O Canada ! Terre de nos aieux
    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!
    in praise of thee we sing;
    From echoing hills our anthems proudly ring.
    With fertile plains and mountains grand
    With lakes and rivers clear,
    Eternal beauty, thos dost stand
    Throughout the changing year.
    Lord God of Hosts! We now implore
    Bless our dear land this day and evermore

    When a collection of brilliant minds, hearts, and talents come together...expect a masterpiece
    this is such an example from MGR' s 'Anbe Vaa' the beauty of teamwork
    thought it would be an appropriate one , this special day we see
    Another year, Another chance to start our lives anew

    Puthiya Vaanam Puthiya Bhoomi
    Puthiya Sooriyan
    Puthiya Naangal
    Puthiya Varudam 2007
    Iniya Puththaandu Vaazthukkal
    Happy New Year 2007 !
    Cheers !

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