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Thread: NAIVEDHYAM (Hemant's Cookery Corner)

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    Dear Hubbers,
    I am posting a recipe after a long time. I intend posting a recipe almost every alternate day.
    I am posting a Raitha recipe with explanation which might be of interest to you all.
    Happy cooking.!!

    Hundreds of recipes of Raithas are available in books and on the net.
    The question is ,


    Basically Raita/Raitu is a Gujarati dish which is
    neither pure salad nor a pickle and also not a Chutney.
    It is somewhere between dish generally enjoyed with heavy sweets
    like Ladoo made from pure ghee.
    It has a pungent smell and a sweetish/sour taste mingled with aroma of nascent mustard
    It surely packs a kick.

    Word Raitha as it stands, is coined from the word,
    Rai = Mustard
    Atho = To pickle/To ferment.
    In a Raitha, two ingredients are a must.
    They are, Mustard seeds and Curds.

    I have been seeing a lot of recipes of so called Raithas
    with most inconceivable ingredients like Brijals,and other
    vegetables. Just as you can't call any ladoo as Boondi Ladoo,
    you cannot call any curd dish minus Mustard seeds as Raitha.

    A typical traditionalRaitha does not involve cooking
    of any ingredient.

    I am posting a basic raitha recipe of Banana which is
    one of the traditional recipes .



    Ripe but firm Banana...... 1 nos

    Small sized Mustard seeds...1 tsp.
    (If you are new to this type of Raitha,
    Please start with 1/4 tsp of Mustard seeds)

    Fresh curds.................250 ml
    Salt........................1/4 to 1/2 tsp (As per taste)
    Green chiilies..............1 no
    Ginger......................1/4" piece (Optional)
    Sugar.......................2 tbsp
    Kothumalli/cilantro.........1 spoon.


    Grind coarsly mustard seeds in a mixi and remove black husk
    of upper skin layer and set aside.
    Slice one green chilli of medium hot variety in thin shreds,
    pluck kothumalli leaves and set aside.

    Take curds in a glass bowl and add ground and dehusked Mustard.
    You may add salt at this stage.Mix well.
    Leave the mustard+curds mixture for about two hours at
    room temperature after covering it with a plate.

    After 2 hours, just smell the mixture. If it gives off strong pungent
    aroma of nascent mustard, then it is ready for further treatment.

    Now just befor lunch/dinner,first add sugar and mix it thoroughly.
    Now make small pieces of Banana and add to fermented mixture.
    Add finely sliced green chilli and shredded ginger (Optional)
    and garnish with Kothumalli.

    It tastes great with ghee sweets, Roti/parathas
    and you can use it as a taste changer.
    You may use any fruit or Bundhi to make this raita.
    Please send in your feedback. !!
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    --Mark Twain

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    Hello Friends,
    I am planning to post POTATO-VERMICELLI ROLLS tomorrow.

    If you have suggestions or requests for FRY items/Tiffin items recipes, please let me know.

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    pls post some easy recipes which can be packed for lunch to office/school. Lunch-box specials.

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    Hello Tomato,
    You may use URL to my website which is full of recipes you are asking for.
    Click on the following link please.

    You can try this one also.


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    Dear Mr Trivedi,

    Today I tried lemon rice and it turned out very well. I'm so used to making lemon rice with a pinch of asofoetida, and your recipe doesnt have it..but it was delicious all the same! I omitted the onions though, and instead of whole fried fenugreek seeds I used the powdered version (broiled fenugreek and powdered).

    Hubbers, please give this recipe a try!


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    Hello Shobha,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    My wife likes to prepare with perangayam.
    I haven't come to like it in this recipe.May be I lose fine aroma of Curry leaves in Elumicha sadham if I use asafoetida and this prevents me .

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    POTATO-VERMICELLI ROLLS is a savory which is very easy to make
    and is so tasty that you would like to make it often.
    It is crispy and crunchy with soft centre.
    It tastes fabulous with very simple spices which are
    used just like in Batata Wada. It is usually eaten with
    spicy sweet sour Tamarind / Khajur Chutney or plain Tomato Sauce.


    (For five people one helping of about four rolls each)


    750 gms. Potatoes of Thick skin variety
    50 to 75 gms of toast crumbs
    1 or 2 onions(Make crunchy rough paste)
    1 Small Bunch of Kothumalli
    5 Nos. Green chillies finely chopped
    1.5" Ginger piece finely sliced
    1/2 sp. Turmeric powder (optional)
    1 Sp. Garam Masala
    1 sp. of Cumin+Dhania powder
    1/2 sp of Cinnamon powder
    2 Sp. Lime Juice
    2 to 3 Sp. Sugar
    1 Sp. Asafoetida (OPTIONAL)
    Salt to taste


    150 gms of Vermicelli broken in very small pieces


    For the stuffing, first steam cook potatoes in a pressure cooker.
    Remove the skin and let cool.
    Now add, salt, Kothumalli, Green chillies and Garam masala,cinnamon
    and Dhania-Jeera powders,Lime Juice, Sugar and salt.
    Also make rough crunchy paste(Don't make smooth paste) of Onion.
    Remove as much water content as possible by pressing with palm.
    Add the crunchy onion paste to filling dough.
    finally add toast powder/crumbs and mix thouroughly .
    Don't press very hard.
    Bread/toast crumbs will bind the potato rolls and also
    give it uniform golden brown colour.
    perangayam and slowly mix the ingredients thoroughly .

    Potatoes must not have lumps.
    The stuffing should be totally smooth except for crunchy onions.
    Let the potatoes be mashed uniformly.
    Once all the ingredients are mixed ,
    taste for salt and other things. Add anything you want at
    this stage. Now take a big plate, smear some oil on the
    surface to avoid rolls sticking to surface.

    start making potato rolls of the Potato stuffing and place
    in the plate. Try making all of them of even size.
    Rub some oil on your palms to avoid
    potato sticking to your palms. Keep aside.
    Take a plate and fill up nicely broken vermicelli/semiya
    to 1cm length, spread it and keep aside.

    Heat oil in a kadai . While it is getting heated, take one roll and
    roll it lightly in semiya plate evenly spreading semiya sticking
    to its surface evenly.Take care to see that semiya is firmly sticking
    to potato rolls and will not come loose while frying in oil.
    Drop it carefully in oil or place it on a poori frying zaari(SpatSpoon) dip the zaari(SpatSpoon) in oil if you don't want to get oil burns while droping.and fry at medium flame. Keep turning to give it an uniform golden colour.

    Serve with sweet Tamarind/Khajur chutney or tomato sauce.
    Tastes heavenly as it is also.

    And Don't forget to post your feedback !!!
    A dog has the soul of a philosopher.


    Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.
    --Mark Twain

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    Hi Mr.Hemanth!
    I am Saritha.New to this forum.
    I thank and appreciate for ur recipes here.I happened to read them only today.
    Will try Potato Vermicelli rolls soon.

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    Hello Friends,

    Someone had requested for school lunch/light refreshment recipes.
    I will be posting a very easy to make BATETA PAUVA / KANDA POHA / SPICY AVALAKKI , dishes whichare extremely popular in Maharashtrian, Gujarati and Kannadiga homes.

    Mind you, I will be posting three recipes .
    This is because Poha/Pauva and Avalakki prepared in different states taste very different.
    Tomorrow I will start with Kannada style Avalakki.

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    Corn Flour


    I wasnt knowing there were two varieties of corn flour - white and the yellow, and had picked yellow corn flour. How can I use the yellow corn flour? Any recipes??


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