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Thread: Indian Vegetable Gardening

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    Is a well known supplier of herbs in USA.
    Usual standard disclaimers apply.

    For those living in southern California and warmer zones
    Amla seeds (usirica)

    Bitter melon seeds (karela) the one they have take long time to fruit. I prefer the early varieties from Evergreen

    Coriander seeds. The one I purchased from parks grew to 18 inches. This one they claim it can grow to 2 feet tall...I grew them in shoe boxes. They say can grow to 3 feet in good soil. I will try this season.

    Curry leaf plants 15-00$. Seeds 4-50 per packet. I never raised curry leaf plants from seed. But heard they can grow and germinate after the month of May.

    Hindu Marigold: They claim this is the authentic Indian old fashioned Marigold 2-3 feet tall
    In my vegetable beds I grow dwarf 9 inches tall French dwarf variety and tulasi plants.
    Marigold and Tulsi plants are supposed to be auspicious.

    Edible purslane: Portulaca oleracea’ I prefer the seeds from seeds of India as they have slightly different taste. I have not tried this variety

    Krishna tulasi seeds(also called as shyam tulasi )I like this one and the Lakshmi Tulasi from SV temple from Tirupathi.

    One new variety which I will try this year. The seed source is from Vrindavan, Mathura, and birth place of Lord Krishna.

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    Growing Yellow Andhra Dosa Kaya (cucumber)
    Applies to all cucumbers.

    This from the collective experience of my friends and also some additional information I learnt from a commercial grower in India.
    Cucumber got a tap root and lateral roots. The tap room is the main root that grows deep. If we grow them in plastic trays during transplanting how ever careful we are the tap root (main root) gets torn-breaks away and then we do not get full yields.

    There are 2 ways

    1) Raise the seeds in Styrofoam cups. Choose the large size. Make drainage holes in the bottom. Raise the seeds inside the home. Before transplanting outside water the plant thoroughly. With a sharp blade cut the sides and with care plant it.
    2) Second method
    3) Warm the soil. Cover the soil with black plastic. Plant the seeds directly cover them lightly with soil.
    Germination will be faster if the seeds are kept in a wet napkin for a day...

    There are different kinds of Dosa kaya. The yellow cuke seeds which one can buy in wall-mart etc are not the real Andhra cumber seeds. In the US one can get them from seeds of
    Even India there are different cultivars. Some are small, some are light green, pale some are sour, some newer hybrids though they grow Very large taste like Styrofoam.

    In containers. My friend is a very successful container Gardner. She gets as much yields as mine.

    She uses 10 gallon totes on sale now at K mart 7 dollars per two. Other wise $3-95.

    She grows Tindora (Donda- Gentlemen’s toes, Ivory gourd)), tomatoes every thing in them.

    Makes drainage holes at the bottom(many) she uses Stay green potting mix available at Lowe’s(buy the largest bag-it is cheaper) adds some garden tone or plant tome fertilizer by epsoma(available at many garden centers, including lowes) occasionally gives some miracle grow at half strength. Or fish emulsion.

    Raised beds 6 inches) as above is as below. The root system is as large as the above ground growth. Space them 12 inches apart. I use 12 inch raised beds. Give a chance for the lateral roots to spread.

    In the soil.-directly in the ground .Loose the soil well at least 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide. Add ,Mix1/3 cow manure, Humus. Bag
    Commercial growers use ammonium sulphate for side dressing. Here we can use generous amounts of osmocote or garden tone) seed directly or transplant with care.

    Yield. If done right with good sun light and fertilization for 3-4 plants one can easily get 100 plus fruits. Takes about 60 days after transplanting.

    Adding 2 Table spoonfuls of Garden lime will increase the growth (mix with soil thoughroly). I Use Dyna gro 7-95 for all my plants also.
    Grand mother’s tales. With holding water a couple of days will increase the taste. Adding a small amount of milk (2%) will also increase the taste.

    Then one can have Dosa kaya varotsavam (every day dosa kaya for few weeks).

    The vine can sprawl on the ground or one can make a trellis 3-4 feet is O.K.

    If let on the ground put some plastic under the fruit so it wont rot. They do not spoil easily. Commercial growers water the plants before harvesting so that they weigh more.

    Good luck

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    Thanks so much for the tips. My dosakai seeds just arrived, and I was wondering how to raise. You have answered all the questions I had. Thanks again.

    Suja Rajkumar

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    There is always some thing to learn from some one.

    My friend with 25 years of experience made the following suggestions which I will be implementing my self..
    Cucumbers; Raising in plastic containers and transplanting them later;
    If one is not careful, the tap roots will break during transplanting. The results Yields will be sub optimal. I cut the Styrofoam cup with a surgical blade. Not always possible for every one .Not always successful to transplant without breaking the tap root.

    (1)In ground planting is the best. In the month of May.
    (2 )cucumbers will have great yields, prolific after 50-60 days. But after the initial spurs the yield will slow down.

    She recommends this method.

    Cucumbers stay well outside. Dont get spoiled easily especially the Andhra Yellow dosakaya. She says it is good to have large numbers of them at the frost time, so that you can use them in the first 2 months of winter.
    Start them in ground after the last frost.
    Successive planting. Start another (second) set in mid June or early July. When the first set of cucumbers slow down the second set will produce in large numbers.


    Determinate variety will slow down in August. Start both determinate and indeterminate varieties. This way one can have tomatoes in the entire season.
    I will also start cucumbers in a large planter in the month of April. Follow successive planting in May and June.
    Cucumbers will do well if a table spoon of garden lime is added to the soil.

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    I guess it is time to start putting the seeds in pots and leaving them indoors now so that they will be ready to plant outside in a month and a half...
    The moment will arrive when you are comfortable with who you are, and what you are--when you don't feel the need to apologize for anything or to deny anything. To be comfortable in your own skin is the beginning of strength.

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    Already planted seeds of yellow cucumbers (dosakai) in containers. Due to cold weather from last few days, I kept them inside. In the month of May I will plant seeds directly.

    Started seeds of egg plants (long slender purple and green varieties. Chose the early variety 50-60 days. (Six plants)also 3 karela plants all different early varieties.

    Started seeds of glacier and another early variety. (Patio hybrid Tomatoes).4 plants are plenty for two of us.

    Planted coriander (kothimeer seeds) in shoe boxes or sweater boxes already. Will be in side on cold days.
    Prepared the beds-dug added compost, humus (bags) and corn meal from feed stores and crushed oyster shells for Calcium.

    Raised beds (square foot gardening) will be ready to go when the weather co operates.
    This week plant seeds of sweet banana peppers in flats.

    Prepared beds for Keera (Thota koora) sour keera and methi in an area protected form hot sun (partly shady)

    This year I won’t grow any ridge gourd or Snake gourd (limited by space as they have large leaves and take good space and need over head trellis.

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    Such a good thread!

    Dear Friends:
    such a good thread and why dont we make it alive again...I got most of the information that i want to know from this thread.
    Thanks to all of you!

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