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Thread: Land of five types in old tamil kingdom

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    Land of five types in old tamil kingdom

    All tamil pandits are proud of one thing in tamil history.

    Five type of lands named after five flowers. i.e., kurunji,mullai,marutham,neithal and palai.

    Names ok. But the explanation given by tamil pandits are not correct.

    They have to see in historic perspective. Not an imaginery literary way.


    There are so many towns in that name. Karakurichi,kallakuruchi are some of them.

    Hence mountain oriented land were specified as kurunchi.

    mullai=mulai=mul is the root means a sharp piece of some trees.

    That kind of trees are available only in forest.

    Hence forest land was called mullai.

    Marutham=maru=veesukintra=flow. That is why wind was called marutham. MARI another word for rain has same root maru.

    Hence water+Air land was called marutham.

    neithal=neeithal=neei is the root which means 'neenthukira'

    People near the sea will swim. Hence land near by sea was called neithal.

    palai=palzai= palzh= empty,nothing,perished where nothing can be grown.

    So. All tamil pandits should not rely on imaginery thing. Instead with their word eloquency they have to relate everything to the ground realities and history.

    "Kal thonri man thontra kalathay mun thonri mootha kudi"- a second century literature- means when before stone became sand in earth the tamil tribes were formulated

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