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Thread: Specialised NEW FORUM for Carnatic Music (CLICK HERE)

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    Specialised NEW FORUM for Carnatic Music (CLICK HERE)

    To the Moderator: Moderator, please do not move this thread. This is very much related only with Carnatic Music and is not a commercial venture. I want this thread to be read by people who like Carnatic, and they might not visit the classifieds forum for that. Thanks

    To others:
    Hey Guys,

    You can now register at one of the newest and best forums to discuss about Carnatic Music. It is called Carnatic Music Discussion Forum (CMDF in short). Please visit to see the ongoing discussions. Registration takes just 5 seconds and then you can start discussing about all your favourite carnatic topics and singers.

    Moreover you can request and download all your favourite audios which are posted time and again on the forum.

    To enable better discussions, 12 categories are provided in the CMDF (Carnatic Music Discussion Forum). They are:

    General Forum
    General discussions on Carnatic Music

    New Members Introduction Forum
    New members, please get yourself introduced here. Existing members, please greet the new members

    Raga Forum
    Discussions pertaining to Ragas

    Laya Forum
    Discussions pertaining to laya and percussion instruments

    Lyrics Forum
    Share the lyrics of songs you know, that others seek

    Composers Forum
    Talk about the well known (and not well known) composers and their merits here.

    Legends Forum
    Legends never die. Discussions about legendary musicians should also not die.

    Upcoming Performers Forum
    Do you have words of appreciation for that youngster you listened to yesterday?

    Recordings/Albums Forum
    Share information about recordings that are worth listening to.

    Events Forum
    Musicians, please come forward and let your monthly schedules be known. Non-musicians may also post upcoming events' details.

    Concert Reviews Forum
    Review the latest concerts you attended

    Polls Forum
    Want to express your opinion and to know what the world thinks?

    There are far more users who will be willing to participate in music discussions than here.

    What are you waiting for. Go and register right away to start discussing. Click on and enjoy.

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    There's a topic for posting classical music related web sites. You can post there. If you create a new topic, it's treated as an ad (commercial or not), so will be moved to Classifieds.

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